You can create flashy banners, trick people into landing on your site, or even serve popup advertising… but in the end, if you have a low quality landing page, you will always be trailing behind. The landing page is where the magic happens, and you convince the reader to take immediate action.

Over the years I’m sure you’ve seen a wide variety of landing pages… everything from auto videos loading, to pre-populating information from a social network. The bottom line is that every day you don’t make your landing page better, someone else is. This post will show you a few different ways you can start improving your landing page for the better.

Use Social Networks for Easy Sign Up

If you want to immediately scare away your traffic, show them a long form that they have to fill out. Just think about how many times you’ve filled out these forms over the past ten years… who wants to share their information yet again with another web site!

Something we are seeing a lot more in the dating space, is the ability to signup for web sites and offers through social networks like Facebook, instead of having to complete a long form process.

Browser Compatible Landing Pages

First, ask yourself if you know what percentage of users are viewing your landing pages in Explorer, Chrome or FireFox. Next, ask yourself if you’ve even checked your landing page and how it looks in each of these browsers/ If you haven’t done either, and don’t know the answers… you could be killing your conversion numbers.

While looking through some landing pages to use as examples in this post, I came across an excellent example from CouponAlert (a top affiliate offer on some networks). Check out the screenshot below… how pathetic is that? I’m using a Mac and can’t access their toolbar or product. What’s even worse is that they don’t offer a solution… it’s like walking into a restaurant and being told they won’t serve food to people wearing shoes and not sneakers… just a total waste on this one.

Landing Page Interactive Videos and Walk Throughs

Here we are, back at another dating landing page. There is a ton of money to be made in the dating space, and a lot of innovation comes from this area as well. They always seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to creating new angles and conversion boosting methods.

In this example, we take a look at VIP Singles, which has a great landing page that is not only straight to the point, but interactive as well. Once you visit their landing page, a process for you to select what gender you are and who you are interested in will appear, but they also have an interactive model and video that walks you through the process. It would be great to see the type of conversions they see on their back end, versus using boring images and text.

Creating Landing Pages that Convert

The game of finding offers that convert is always a challenging one. As much work as these advertisers put into their landing pages, it’s also up to you, the affiliate marketer, to take the time to build smaller niche targeted landing pages that pre-sell the offer and concept. You can throw all of the traffic in the world to some of these landing pages with direct traffic, but it’s also important to create your own landing pages and play with conversions. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out my 7 landing page tips for dating campaigns.

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