Many individuals are having trouble understanding what’s not working with their online business; it’s a common question that requires a complex answer.

The reality: there are many factors that come into play when measuring the success of your business. In the following sections, you’ll learn a variety of ways to gain insight about the underperforming areas and a few suggestions to make the most with what you have.

You Haven’t Started

Well, in a sense you have but you haven’t set aside enough time to your online work. You may still be holding down your 9-to-5 job and want a secondary source of income or you may have made the leap but haven’t quite overcome the tipping point. Either way, nothing truly starts until all the elements come together and you’ve begun experimenting with your business.

For those that haven’t started, do it today. Others that have tested the waters but won’t jump all the way in, take the plunge. You must be 100% devoted to affiliate marketing (learning, implementing, expanding) for your business to work otherwise you slip back past the bell curve and settle into compliancy.

You’re Not Patient

Here’s one that many people don’t realize: affiliate marketing takes time. All profitable businesses generally start with a deficit and affiliate marketing is none other. What you may not realize is that most successful individuals within this industry have spent years of their time perfecting their work – it’s highly unlikely you’ll have a straighter shot.

The element of time is, in no way, to discourage you but to put things in perspective. You should be aware that it takes time to grow a brand, make mistakes, and build upon your success. Look toward what you’ll be doing in the future and you’ll make the right decisions, which will help you grow, today.

You’re saying the Wrong Thing

A common problem with those having trouble with affiliate marketing is that they aren’t able to identify their true customers. Likewise, the message you’re putting out may be falling on deaf ears because you’re saying the wrong thing.

Your marketing campaigns need to not only be valuable to the potential customer but also say what they want to hear. It’s never too late to reroute your direction. There are tools to help aid you in finding the right customer and additional tips and tricks for writing copy that works – start with those.

You’re Not Focused on Solutions
Like the message, you may be too focused on building up a business without a proper product to promote. Everything you offer should be seen as a solution to a problem whether it’s your affiliate offer or an information product of your own.

People come to you because you have something of value: your knowledge and expertise. However, people will leave once they’ve consumed what you’ve got and if it’s not at a premium than you’re leaving money on the table. Monetize your work from the beginning or implement new offers into your business that people want – not just something you’d suggest.

You’re Not Networking

The majority of individuals that find themselves in affiliate marketing are trying to go at it solo. Sure, there are many success stories of solo entrepreneurs but the reality is that you need to build a network.

Your network becomes a center for expanding into new opportunities and capitalizing on existing work.

Every day, you should be reaching out to existing customers, fellow business people, setting up meetings, scoping the competition, and mingling with anyone (and everyone) within your industry. As your network grows, so does your brand because your network will be there to help promote it.

What you’re doing, right now, already makes you an awesome individual; you’re doing what most people fail to find the courage: giving it your all in business. Take some time and reflect what has worked, what didn’t, and where you’re going and only then apply the suggestions – make logical decisions for your business, leave the emotion at the door.