Are you looking for an exciting affiliate opportunity that offers room to grow? Hardware affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your website while offering a valuable service to your viewers at the same time. While people tend to carefully research their computer purchases, more people are beginning to use the Internet as a shopping tool to find hardware and related products. This opens up a great opportunity for websites devoted to computers, hardware, technology or electronics.

Before you get started in with hardware affiliate programs, you need to determine which offers are right for your business. The following top ten hardware offers can guide you through this challenging process and help you discover which hardware offers will work best on your website.

1. Digital Cameras

The massive popularity of digital cameras has made these products one of the best hardware offers for affiliates. Increasingly, people are utilizing their digital cameras to make their own creative artwork and photographs, which has helped make this market grow tremendously in recent years.

2. Portable Memory

With so many people always on the go today, the need for portable memory devices is stronger than ever. Small, light, and very portable, these memory drives allow users to transport massive amounts of data from one device to another.

3. Computer Monitors

If you’re looking for a lucrative hardware offer, then look no further. Computer monitors are among the top-selling hardware products as more and more user switch from their standard CRT monitors to large flat-screen LCD monitors.

4. Speakers

The digital music revolution has also led to an increased demand for computer speakers. Many affiliates have achieved considerable results with these hardware affiliate offers.

5. Scanners

Scanners have become important for a wide variety of reasons, making them a great hardware offer to consider. These offers often work especially well when paired with related offers such as digital cameras.

6. Video Cameras

The enormous popularity of online video has helped drive up sales video camera, which makes this an excellent opportunity for hardware affiliates. Online users are always looking for the greatest digital video cameras to record their video clips, so do not overlook these potentially lucrative affiliate offers.

7. VoIP Devices

As more consumers gain access to high-speed Internet, more and more of these users are subscribing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). These services allow subscribers to make long distance calls using their high-speed connection, which can dramatically lower their telephone bills and expenses.

8. Cell Phones

Cell phones have become a ubiquitous feature in American, with an estimated 250 million users. Because people change cell phones fairly frequently, there is always a steady demand for the newest phones in the newest styles with the latest features.

9. GPS Devices

Mapping has become popular with GPS devotees and casual fans alike. Users now enjoy adding GPS capabilities to their cars, which presents and enormous opportunity to affiliate marketers willing to make the most of this great trend.

10. Cable Modems and Wireless Devices

High-speed Internet access is become available in more areas each and every day, which means that millions of new customers will be in need of cable modems and wireless devices. If you have a tech website, this is a great chance to reach out to a wide range of new customers.