Movie offers are hotter than ever before thanks to the growing demand for DVDs and online movie downloads. But which ones are right for your affiliate marketing needs? Life’s full of hard choices, but this doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out the following top ten movies offers to discover a wealth of opportunity perfect for your business and your audience.

1. Movie Downloads

As more movie studios and retailers line up to start their own movie download services, the potential for these movie offers becomes increasingly stronger. Get started today to take advantage of this emerging trend and get a jump on the competition.

2. DVD Bestsellers

DVD sales for some of the most popular movie titles are a great choice for virtually every movie marketer. Consumers are always eager to fill their DVD collection with these great movie offers, so be sure to check out some of the many affiliate programs that feature a wide selection of new titles.

3. Movie Subscription Services

Movie subscription services have become an ideal way for consumer to make the most of their entertainment dollar. Paid subscribers can access an amazing selection of movie titles and have these films delivered straight to their door.

4. Movie Rentals

People have started avoiding the hustle and bustle of their local movie stores in favor of online movie rental. These movie offers provide both convenience and affordability, making them and ideal choice for many affiliate programs.

5. Classic Films on DVD

Contemporary hits are not the only popular titles on DVD these days. Increasingly, production companies are re-releasing old classics on DVD so a whole new generation of fans can enjoy these beloved films. The bonus features included on each DVD are another strong selling point that make classic films a great niche marketing option.

6. Movie Posters

Many consumers, especially teens, young adults and collectors, enjoy purchasing movie posters of their favorite films. There are a number of affiliate programs that provide these excellent movie offers, so check out the available selection and determine which items will work for your needs.

7. Movie Merchandise

From t-shirts to action figures, the demand for movie merchandise is always strong after a new blockbuster has been released. If you are looking for movie offers to supplement some of your other affiliate products, this is a great option.

8. Movie Tickets

Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, movie fans can now buy movie tickets to many of the top movie theaters. These movie offers are a great choice if your website is devoted to the latest blockbusters and recently released films.

9. Children’s Movies

The demand for quality children’s entertainment has grown tremendously in recent years, and movie studios have responded by producing an abundance of films specifically for kids. From blockbusters to made-for-DVD titles, there are many titles to choose from so you will always have new material to showcase on your website.

10. Educational DVDs

Educational films are an extremely attractive option for websites devoted to education, business, or kids. There is an enormous selection of titles to choose from, ranging from documentaries to instructional tutorials. If you want to get started in a growing niche, be sure to check out everything that these movie offers have to provide.