Online music sales are on the rise, which makes it a great time to get started in music affiliate marketing. But which music offers should you choose? Check out the following top 10 music offers to help decide which ones are right for your needs.

1. Digital Music Downloads

In 2006 alone, music lovers worldwide downloaded nearly 800 millions digital tracks. These hot music offers are expected to grow even more in the future, so this is one opportunity no music affiliate marketer should miss.

2. MP3 Players

The huge sales of iPods and other MP3 players indicate that these music offers will not be diminishing. These products are great for virtually any music or technology website and are a great way to earn substantial commissions.

3. Compact Discs

While digital downloads are red-hot and expected to grow even more in the future, the humble compact disc isn’t expected to disappear anytime soon. In fact, a huge number of music listeners prefer to make their own MP3 by purchasing CDs and then ripping songs and transferring them to their music players.

4. Music Subscription Services

More and more music lovers are using music subscriptions services to discover some of the latest hit songs and undiscovered gems. These services allow users to essentially “rent” a variety of tracks to listen to on their computers and portable music players.

5. Mobile Ringtones

An estimated 250 million Americans currently use cell phones, which has created a huge market for ringtone sales. Consumers are always on the lookout for new ways to personalize and customize their mobile devices, which make these music offers a potentially lucrative opportunity.

6. Podcasting

It seems that everyone is podcasting these days, from elementary school students to online marketers. As the popularity of podcasts goes up, the demand for podcasting equipment and subscriptions services grows as well. These music offers are well-matched to websites devoted to a wide range of subjects, including music and technology.

7. Home Stereos

People are investing increasing amount of money in home entertainment, and personal home stereos are a big part of this trend. These music offers are a great match for almost any website selling music equipment or related products.

8. Internet Radio

Internet radio has emerged as a great way for music fans to listen to hot new tracks anytime they are online. Popular music services such as Pandora allow listeners to learn about new music and can even suggest related artists and songs that users may enjoy.

9. Satellite Radio

The popularity of XM and Sirius satellite radio has made this a hot offer for many online marketers. As more and more music fans discover these great services, sales for subscriptions and radio equipment are expected to climb.

10. Music Software

From software to organize digital music libraries to programs designed to help users create their own digital songs, there are many great types of music software currently available. This is a great option for sites marketing toward tech-savvy music lovers who want to organize their collection or mix their own tracks.