Top Five Book Affiliate Offers

Selling books online is fast becoming a booming business. If you’re itching to get in on the rush and grab some fast cash then read on. Below is a list of the top five best book affiliate offers available.

Global Wills
Here you will find the leading source of legal books. They are a top seller of legal do-it-yourself e-books. They publish books, forms and legal software. The two-tier affiliate program pays 40 percent on the first tier and 10 percent on second tier sales. They pay per sale on a monthly basis with a minimum of $100 payout.

Tattered Cover Bookstore
At the tattered cover bookstore your treated like a member of the community of bookstore owners, not just an affiliate. Place a text or graphics link on your site and your ready to go. It can be a link to a page on the site or directly to the home page. Their rate of commission is 5 1/2 percent up to $50,000 of net sales; 6 percent up to $500,000 of net sales; and 7 percent for all amounts thereafter.

Book Sense
At you can offer your website visitors more than 2 million titles while showing your support to independent booksellers across the country. Place a link on your website and they will provide the tracking information and sales reports. Their payment schedule is 5.5 percent of the first $50,000 of Net Proceeds received by during the Term; 6 percent of the next $450,000 of Net Proceeds received by during the Term; and 7 percent of all additional Net Proceeds received by during the Term.

World Book Encyclopedia
Get in on the action and help educate the world by selling encyclopedias. They pay 10 percent on every completed sale of world book encyclopedias. The program is free to join. They are teamed with commission junction to provide the statistics for tracking. Find all the information at

Powells Books
Known as the largest affiliate book seller in the world, offers 7.5 percent of the purchase price. They have many link options and lots of cool tracking tools. Partnering with Powells is fun because they sell other book related merchandise as well.