Magazine affiliate offers are a great way to add an extra income stream to your website. With thousands of titles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your affiliate marketing needs. Before you begin, your first step is to choose the best affiliate offers for your website. While there are many magazine programs out there, some stand out above the rest. The following top five magazine affiliate offers feature some of the best commission rates, incentives and support.


Offering more than 1,200 different titles in 50 different categories, is a great match for virtually any website. The program is completely free to join and easy to use. Whether you run a mainstream site devoted to general lifestyle or business topics, or a very esoteric site focused on a very specific niche, you’ll be sure to find a range of products that are perfect for your potential customers. Affiliates also have access to special promotions and incentives to help them sell even more.


-A base commission rate of 40-percent, with top earning affiliates earning up to a 60 percent commission off of every sale.
-Commission tracking through beFree.
-Thousands of magazine titles to choose from.


Since 2001, has been one of the top magazine sellers on the Web. Now part of the LinkShare Network, the program offers a wide range of options with room for affiliates to grow. If you are looking for a flexible program that provides great affiliate support, may be the perfect choice for you.


-A free product store generator.
-Special offers for top selling affiliates.
-Outstanding affiliate support and tools.

3. features some of the best-selling magazines today including Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, and Woman’s Day. Affiliates can choose from more than 1,500 different magazine titles and earn a commission rate between 35 and 50 percent.


-Datafeeds ensure continually updated content.
-Excellent affiliate support, tools, and resources.
-Tracking tools to measure results and gauge success.


With one of the top selling magazine affiliate programs on the Web, is a great choice for a broad range of affiliate marketers. Affiliates can choose from an amazing selection of magazines, from popular to niche titles. In addition to their great selection, offers an impressive 35-percent commission rate, easy sign up, and linking options to help you achieve the best possible results.


-Easy to use management powered by the LinkShare network.
-A wide selection of name brand magazine titles that are recognized and trusted by consumers.
-Unbeatable prices on magazines subscriptions, which is a huge promotional incentive for affiliates.


Affordable subscription rates are one of the major reasons why many people shop for magazines online. In order to appeal to these cost-conscious users, you should try to select magazines affiliate programs that feature the best possible prices. The affiliate program offered by is a great choice for websites looking for low-cost magazines to promote to consumers looking for the best deals.


-Great prices.
-Amazing selection of top-rated magazines, including Forbes, Elle, Popular Science and many more.
-Fantastic affiliate tools including data feeds, coupons, and special promotions.

Magazine affiliate programs are an great way to add value to your website, please your online audience, and earn extra money from your website. No matter what subject your website is devoted to, you can be sure to find a number of different magazine titles that will appeal to your target customers. In order to achieve top results, take the time to carefully consider your needs. By choosing programs that provide the best product selection, tools and support, you will be able to make the most of magazine offers.