The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with more than 50 million subscribers expected to sign up for new service over the next five years. With so many online users looking for information about VoIP, many merchants have turned to the Web to sell their services. With outstanding affiliate programs to choose from, online marketers can now take advantage of this emerging opportunity.

In order to achieve the best results, you need to choose the best possible programs. While there are a number of excellent options to choose from, several programs have emerged as outstanding choices for affiliate marketers. These programs offers top-notch services, great consumer appeal, and fantastic commission rates, which helps ensure your success as a VoIP affiliate. Consider the following top five VoIP offers before deciding which programs are right for you.

1. Vonage

In all likelihood, you have seen one of Vonage’s many television commercials advertising their affordable VoIP services. Due to the immediate brand recognition, Vonage is a great choice for affiliate looking to build their credibility and online reputation. Manage through the Commission Junction network, this program offers a host of excellent tools and resources to help affiliate succeed. Some benefits of this VoIP program include:

-Monthly commission checks
-Great tracking and reporting tools
-An impressive $30 commission for all new subscriber sign-ups

2. Viatalk

Viatalk is another popular VoIP service with a great online reputation for quality and service. With one of the highest commissions in the industry, this is an excellent choice for affiliate who want to earn the highest returns on their online marketing efforts. Top earning affiliates are also eligible for special bonuses, promotions and rewards. Some of the major advantages of these VoIP affiliate offers include:

-An amazing $50 fee for all new customers sign-ups
-Monthly payouts
-Excellent affiliate support and resources

3. Packet8

Packet8 is another of the top VoIP providers, featuring high quality services and great consumer appeal. Managed through the LinkShare network, this program offers amazing benefits to both small and large affiliates. Some of the major benefits of the Packet8 program include:

-Easy sign-up
-Excellent tracking and reporting tools
-Outstanding VoIP offers

4. inPhoneEx

This VoIP seller presents a wide range of links for affiliates to choose from as well as an excellent range of creative elements to help affiliates promote VoIP offers. A few of the great features provided by this program include:

-Real time tracking and reporting
-$5 bonus just for signing up
-A three percent piece of all referred sales
-Monthly payments

5. iConnectHere

This affiliate program offers an excellent variety of services, including personal phone numbers, calling card services, and PC-to-Phone long distance calls. Managed by Commission Junction, this program is a great solution for affiliates both large and small. Some of the advantages of these VoIP offers include:

-Commission rates of 5-16 percent for every referred sale
-Great tracking and reporting tools
-Regular payout dates