So, your searching for the perfect audio affiliate offer for your website? Search no more. Below are the top five best audio book affiliate programs. So go ahead- start making money!

Prime Audio Books
The audio book affiliate program at calls their program “revenue-sharing” which essentially means they are sharing their income from sales with their affiliates. They offer all new signing affiliate 15 percent commission from sales for the first three months. They also have a cool program where affiliates are able to earn up to 25 percent of each sale depending on the monthly sales. They provide awesome affiliate promotion tools, admission to unmatched affiliate support and phenomenal support for affiliate customers. They also offer the coveted 100 percent guarantee to all customers.

Amazing Audio Books
The audio book affiliate program at offers their affiliates 20 percent commission. They tout their excellent customer service and unbeatable selection as the reason for their superior success in the booming business of audio books. They select special audio books and new releases each week that they offer for free.

Audio Book Alive
The fabulous affiliate program at offers their affiliate a 15 percet commission rate. They allow customers to purchase their audio books directly from your site with no pop-ups or transfer of YOUR customers to another site. There is instant access to the site and it is no cost to join.

Audio Mall
These guys claim to have the highest commission rate of any program at 20 percent. They also offer innovative affiliate techniques like the lifetime commissions idea. When a customer purchases an e-book from an affiliate that affiliate becomes the Master Affiliate to that customer and receives a commission bonus each and every time a purchase is made from any site. Customers are able to buy directly from the affiliate site and choose from hundreds of titles.

Audio Book Finder
Audiobook Finder at is more of a self serve audio bookstore. They prefer affiliates to add either text or graphic links to their websites. Using the affiliates header graphics the purchaser will assume that they are still on the affiliates site, a proven way to retain more buyers at the checkout. Audio book finder handles all customer support. They have a cool feature where affiliates have access to their own member section. They can monitor all sales and set up links and pages to their chosen book titles.