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As with any type of affiliate marketing, the key to success is to truly understand your audience and then promote the offers than appeal to this audience. As many affiliates soon discover, sex affiliate programs are among the most lucrative in the industry. Not only that, these affiliate programs typically offer excellent support for affiliates, quality affiliate technology and numerous tools to get you started.

What hardcore adult offers are the best? While your choices will depend largely on your audience, your website, and your marketing needs, there are some hardcore adult offers that stand out above the rest. Before you decide, be sure to check out the following options: Hardcore Adult Affiliate Program

As one of the most popular adult hardcore sites on the Web, offers an excellent affiliate program that provides quality rewards for successful affiliates. Now the largest affiliate in the online sex industry, this hardcore adult website is a sex and swingers community boasting an impressive 20 million members.

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Another extremely popular hardcore adult affiliate program is, which provides viewers with access to thousands of amateur performers via live webcams. Affiliates can earn an impressive $42 dollars for each new sign-up referred to the website. Alternately, affiliates can choose revenue-sharing payment option in which they earn 60 percent of new membership fees and 20 percent of total site spending. Unlike many other affiliate programs that only pay on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, provides weekly payouts to its affiliate partners, making it an ideal choice for adult websites looking for a dependable income stream. Hardcore Adult Affiliate Program is another webcam site that is popular with consumers and webmasters alike. This multi-tier program allows affiliates to earn money by referring new members or signing new affiliate up for the program. You can earn up to $130 off of each order or 10 percent of the income generated by the other affiliates you refer to the program. With so much opportunity, this well-paying hardcore affiliate website is an offer too good to pass up.

Before you join any hardcore adult affiliate program, always weigh the potential pros and cons of each program. Determine which offers the most appeal to your audience and provides the best selection of content and tools. Many adult hardcore programs provide webmasters with site templates, free galleries and video content to feature on their affiliate website, so always consider your own needs and capabilities before signing up for a new adult affiliate program.