When it comes to learning about how to maker killer landing pages, nothing speaks louder than visual examples. In this post I wanted to highlight three different sites and their portfolios of landing page designs and critiques.

Not only will you get to view over a hundred different landing pages, that will inspire you to create better landing pages, but you will also get input from other designers as well, and how they would have improved these changes for the better.

Showcase of Excellent Landing Page Designs

Landing Page Examples – Elements of Design has an amazing collection of 66 different landing pages. Ranging from well known online services like MaxCDN, to local advertising campaigns, there is something for everyone.

20+ Examples of Perfect Landing Page Design – DesignModo has a great collection of landing pages that bleed excellence. Everything from the super direct and simple landing page designs for an email submit, to more advanced pages that push mobile phone apps.

Landing Page Design Showcase – Of the three landing page showcases here, this one takes top dog. Not only do you get an amazing collection of landing pages to look over, but you also get the writers input on what they would have changed to improve conversions and make these killer landing pages even better.

Now it’s time for you to take what you’ve learned from looking at over 100 different landing page designs, and implement it into your current business ad ad campaigns. How can you make your landing pages better?

Free Landing Page Templates for Beginners

If you are completely new to the concept of landing pages, you don’t need to hire a top notch designer that will cost you thousands of dollars for a single page design. The best way to get an understanding of how landing pages work, is to start playing around with your own designs and testing. You can download free landing page templates and create your own landing pages for ad campaigns and see how placing different text, links, buttons and images in different locations helps with split testing.