Top 10 E-book Affiliate Programs
Are you looking for a way to get into the fast growing business of e-books? There is money to be made and your missing out if you don’t catch the wave of e-books. The amount of each year and there is every indication it will continue. Check out the top ten ebook affiliate programs and find the one that will suit your site best. Before you know it, you’ll have that first big commission check!

The Guru Guides have thousands of e-books on many internet topics written by expert gurus. These e-books are designed to showcase the expert gurus advice on becoming successful on the Internet. Full of strategies for making wealth on the Internet these e-books are great sellers. Affiliates make 60 percent commission on all sales.

Kirkhams E-books have many e-books on various titles as well as other merchandise available to promote. Affiliates make 50 percent commission on all sales.
Lots of sports and related topics.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

E-book sellers of fitness and health related content at . They provide fat loss training and nutrition programs for getting the hard to pin down six pack abs that everyone strives to obtain. They offer a commission of $25 per sale.

Secure E-book

This is a brand new e-book program just launched in 2006. They offer comprehensive sales and commission reports with a in depth protection feature uncommon in the industry. Affiliates earn residual commission of 15-35 percent on every purchase made by clients refered to Secure-eBook, for two years following the first purchase. This is a two-tier plan paying 5 percent on second tier sales.

Quality Books offers a free affiliate program for best selling, money making e-books. Sales tracking and payments handled by ClickBank. Affiliates earn 50 percent commission on all qualifying sales. They provide a variety of sales tracking and commission reports.

Smart Womens Guide offers a e-book called Passion Keys that gives hints, tips and advice on making men fall in love with you. Affiliates earn 40 percent on each sale. Affiliate program administered by ClickBank.


Here you will find an e-book affiliate program that offers interesting advice for those wanting to make money in the real estate business. has a series of low cost about making money with property rental. It is a two-tier affiliate program paying 20 percent on first tier sales and 5 percent on the second tier. Your referrals are tracked and you earn commission on their purchases for two years.

Biz and Bytes

This e-book affiliate program sells an e-book that shows Internet marketers of any age or experience level how to accept credit card payments from their website without a merchants account. Marketing affiliates get 50 percent commission.

Buy offers an affiliate program for its wide selection of over 400 e-book titles. Affiliates earn 60 percent commission on sales and are able to link directly to the book they would like to promote.

Biblical Womanhood

Here you’ll find an e-book that details the process of running a home-based business while homeschooling without loosing integrity and dignity. has an affiliate program that offers its affiliates $10.50 per sale.