There are thousands of offers to “melt your server with traffic” through the use of not-so-ethical traffic generation methods.

You may not want to believe it but the money you sink on “traffic secrets” isn’t all that cracked up to be (and could be harming your website’s viability for the future).

The following are a list of the traffic driving techniques we urge you to avoid:

  • Lead Generation Software. There are many “programs” and “services” that promise to deliver you a massive influx of leads to your business but you can never truly trust these offerings because much of those leads are actually junk. One common trick of “lead generation” software is to blast your website with overseas traffic so it looks as if you had an influx of traffic except, these individuals bounce the moment they land on your website (if they’re even human).
  • Backlinking Software.  You’ve heard success here and there with tools such as xrummer but the practice of building backlinks, automatically, is a big no-no especially since most of the links comes from shoddy web portals, open comment systems that don’t give any link juice, or spam websites with profiles. The links created from most backlinking software is, again, mostly junk.
  • Automatic Search Engine Submission. Did you know there are thousands of search engine directories your website can be on? Guess how many of them matter? Not really any of them which are why automatic search engine submission is a waste of money. The main search engines (Google, Bing, etc) will automatically pick up your website and begin indexing your pages; the smaller search engines are just derivatives and don’t really add any search traffic in the first place so don’t bother.
  • Article Spinning Software/Services. Google put the nail in the coffin after the Penguin update which basically destroyed the article spinning industry (for the most part). Google is smart enough to see that an article has been spun; likewise, the locations where most of these articles end up aren’t nearly as valuable as they were before. Instead of spending a few hours trying to spin low quality articles, perhaps use that to improve your business through networking or writing your own content.

You know what works best? Hard work.

You could spend your own time building up your business or step back and hire freelancers to do the grunt work; either way, these two methods will put your best foot forward in terms of getting traffic to your website because you know it’s a valuable investment. Your traffic will grow in time with the right work but don’t go out spending a fortune on software that seems too good to be true.

Have you been given the “run” with traffic software? What’s your experience?