Are you looking for a way to diversify your affiliate income? Through the use of travel programs, you can effectively make this change while putting yourself in position to break into new markets.

There are many reasons why travel programs are becoming increasingly popular among affiliate marketers.

Integrate with Other Offers

Just because your affiliate site is not geared towards travel does not mean you have to leave these programs to somebody else. Instead, it is important to note that affiliate travel programs can be used in conjunction with many others.

For example, maybe you have an affiliate website with a focus on gambling – online and at land based casinos. In this case, you could use a travel program to promote the best hotels in popular gaming cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. This is an opportunity to seamlessly integrate new affiliate opportunities along with those that are already making you money.

Big Payouts for Big Purchases

There is no denying that the cost of travel is on the rise. This holds true for everything from rental cars to hotel accommodations to flights. As an affiliate, the more money somebody spends the more money you are going to earn. It is not uncommon for a single consumer to book a vacation online for $5,000 or more. Imagine what your affiliate payout would look like on a deal this size.

People are Attracted to Traveling

It may not hold true across the board, but a large majority of people are interested in traveling. No matter if you are actively promoting travel programs or doing so in a more subtle manner, you are going to attract the attention of visitors to your site.

Options Galore

If you think that finding a travel affiliate program will be an issue, you should reconsider. In addition to a large overall number, many of the top names in the industry have an affiliate program. With name recognition, your chance of making a sale increases greatly. For example, Priceline offers up to 7% on hotel room bookings and 3% on rental cars, vacation packages, and cruises.

Have you successfully diversified your portfolio through the use of travel programs? Share your advice in the comments section below!