What’s great about various affiliate products related to traveling is that they can be marketed to the general audience. Every year, at some point people become ultra-interested in anything related to traveling or summer vacation.

Here’s our roundup of the top 8 travel and adventure affiliate programs you should consider promoting.

Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide

Going to the Disney World is a big deal for most families. The trip is usually very expensive, and actually something people do just a couple of times in a lifetime. This is why a product like this one comes handy. It’s been created by a former Disney employee who reveals clever tricks on how to cut your expenses in half.

The affiliate program offers a healthy 50% commission of $13 per sale.

Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights

One of the main problems with traveling are the prices of airplane tickets. It’s actually the main reason that keeps people from traveling as often as they would like to. This product has been created by a downsized agent and it teaches customers how to get cheap flights.

The affiliate program offers $17 commissions per sale. There’s a nice set of affiliate tools available: PPC ads, banners, and book images.

Vanabode Camp, Travel And Live Forever On $20 A Day

This product sends a very simple message, it can teach you how to live anywhere in the US for as little as $20 a day. And this is not about making ends meet and having a boring life, it’s about adventure and enjoying your every day.

The affiliate program offers $13 commissions per sale. There are some affiliate tools available: banners, product images, and landing page templates.

Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual

These days many people dream about escaping their current environment and moving some place more exotic, like Philippines, for example. This product is all about teaching people how to make it happen.

The affiliate program offers $16 commissions per sale. There are affiliate tools available, such as: copy, articles, banners, and testimonials.

Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed!

Insider info from an ex-airline pilot on how to get cheap airline tickets. Works on any airline anywhere in the world.

The affiliate program offers nice 75% commissions of $17 per sale.

RV Education 101

Every beginner RVer is sure to have many questions about this whole thing. Mark Polk – the author of the product provides quality information from an expert perspective.

The affiliate program offers 45% commissions of $5 per sale.

Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers

This is a great package of resources for travelers in the US who own a large or heavy vehicle. It provides the locations and descriptions of more than 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states.

The affiliate program offers 40% commissions of $7 per sale.

RV Or Motorhome Comprehensive Travel Diary Software

This is a nice piece of software for travelers. Some of the features provided: trip diary, daily journal, photo album, fuel consumption records, and more.

The affiliate program offers 50% commissions of $21 per sale.