Twitter has been trying to enter the mainstream for quite a while now. Even though the platform has more than 140 million users it is still not that known among the general audience.

With this new partnership things can change. At least that’s Twitter’s main goal.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal Twitter is to host a custom Olympics hub containing messages from Olympic athletes, their families, fans and NBC television personalities. All this is going to be placed on a single Twitter page.

NBC will promote the page by displaying individual links to athlete interviews or other related content, while Twitter will encourage its users to tune in to NBC’s on-air coverage.

No money will change hands as part of this partnership. The main value for Twitter is the mainstream media coverage itself, and the possibility to expand its ad business if the whole thing turns out to be successful.

Chloe Sladden, Twitter’s vice president of media said: “This is a way for new users to sample Twitter,” acknowledging the fact that Twitter still needs new exposure if the business is to be sustainable (something a lot of people doubt).

This isn’t the only thing Twitter is doing to capitalize on the Olympics. For months now, the company has hosted a number of sessions with athletes to convince them to use Twitter.

All these actions make it clear that Twitter is not losing its contact with the reality as they are still trying to expand their reach even further. Apparently, Twitter aims to constantly improve as a social media platform.

This is only good news for affiliates. Over the years a lot of Twitter marketing techniques have seen the daylight. Some of them better than the others. However, the fact remains that new opportunities are born every day. And if you just happen to have a product you can promote during the Olympics, you should take this chance.

Due to the new Twitter-NBC partnership, a lot of completely new people will get introduced to Twitter. This is a great moment to launch an affiliate campaign and try to convert some of those people into your leads.