softThere’s a vast number of affiliate tools available these days. And while you don’t have to get every single one of them, choosing the right package can really make your affiliate business successful.

The whole issue is to get a good balance between using apps to automatize some of your tasks, and doing all the other things by hand.

What we advise you to do is to choose only the tools that will make you work both faster and better. Don’t fall into a trap of getting a tool just because it promises to do something faster. If the result is not that great then it still makes sense to do the task manually.

Therefore, here are some of the areas that go well with various software.


Researching a new market manually will consume a lot of time, and you can still omit some of the important details.

By using a piece of software, you can get a direct look into a market and learn things like: how crowded the market is, how tough the competition is, how expensive the traffic is, what the best keywords are.

All this and more can be done with a tool called Market Samurai. Feel free to check it out, there’s a free trial available.

Site Building

This won’t be a surprise, but we have to mention the best website management platform – WordPress. Building a site manually, or hiring a professional is so 2010.

WordPress can be installed in less than 5 minutes, there’s a ton of plugins available, and an equal number of great themes to give your site a unique look.

Ad Campaign Management

If you’re using AdWords as the base of your advertising then you should try Google AdWords Editor. It’s a free tool, and it runs on both Mac and Windows.

It provides a much friendlier environment to manage your AdWords campaigns. Plus, you can work off-line and then only upload the changes straight to your AdWords account.


This category is the broadest one. There are countless tools available. What we look for in an SEO software, however, is for it to be as complete as possible.

Rank tracking, link analysis, SEO research, on-page optimization suggestions, crawl diagnostics, competition analysis. If your software provides all these features, it can really help you with your everyday work. Doing these things manually would take an extreme amount of time.

That’s why we recommend SEOmoz PRO – the all in one SEO solution for your site.

Finally, what’s your approach when it comes to affiliate software? Feel free to share.