Have you ever read an entire paragraph and not been able to comprehend a word you have just read? The key to understanding anything is to figure out the terminology used. Understanding audio book affiliate programs is no different. It is easy and fun once you gain the basic knowledge.

There are a few general terms in the world of book affiliates that you should understand before beginning any program.

Book affiliates are people who promote merchant books on their websites. Book affiliate websites have informational or entertaining content. Book affiliates enter into an agreement with a book merchant to promote a book on his website. A merchants is someone who offers an audio book for sale and will pay an affiliate a small percentage of each sale generated from the affiliates website.

Occasionally a merchant will require certain rules to be followed by the book affiliate. These rules should be reviewed carefully before deciding on a book affiliate program. Some of these requirements may be to own your own domain name, receive a certain amount of visitors a month or to have a Google page rank of a certain number. Make sure that you can accommodate each rule. If not, it may cause your commission checks to be late or you may not get one.

Book affiliates are most successful when the audio book they choose is closely related to the content of their website. Choosing to promote a book that is about finger painting with toddlers on a website that is about gourmet cooking will probably not sell. Taking the time to choose the right book affiliate program for your website or blog is a key factor in your success.

Make use of the tools provided by the book affiliate program. Most book merchants with affiliate programs will make available exceptional marketing tools like banners, buttons and other codes. Take advantage of the sales and commission reports as well. They make it easy to track your progress and see your actual earnings.