Follow the trend, find the money.

Google Trends (and its expansion, Google Insights) is an amazing tool at understanding the interests and passions of web users; it’s also amazing at discovering a bit about yourself. In affiliate marketing, understanding the interests of you and your visitors can have significant gains in your earnings and building a remarkable brand.

Here are a few ways to properly use the tool:

Getting to know your audience

The Insights tool (part of Google Trends) is a near perfect tool for understanding what your community finds interesting, what they’re buying, and what products have the potential for future promotion.

Plug in your main keywords, selected community members, competitors, products, and services in the tool. Examine and collect data about the trending topics, news articles, social sharing, and locations for your topics. Use the information collected to develop a greater visualization of your customer/community member so you can craft better marketing campaigns.

Getting to know your future self

Where will you (and your industry) be in the next year? You may not have the immediate answers but Google Trends can help. Consider the fact that much of your interest is determined by what the market wants; if you can spot a trend growing, while using the tool, you can understand where you will be (and what you may need to learn or venture toward in order to be competitive).

Discovering product swings and opportunities

Your use of Google Trends (and Insights) can be put in effect for finding niche topics but that just scratches the surface. The real benefit of this tool, within affiliate marketing, is understanding product swings and additional opportunities for the long run.

Products and services fall out of favorite in time across the general consensus, Google Trends can alert you when it’s time to jump ship and focus on new opportunities. Likewise, you’ll also get insight about revenue potential (and alternative promotions) when you use the tool to examine your products and services, and how if they’re on a spike in interest.

Potential networking with future thought leaders

Doing a bit of theory here: you can use Google Trends to discover new movers and shakers in your industry through Google Trends by monitoring web activity around your niche and keeping tabs on popular news stories within your industry.

Notice a few key individuals beginning to make waves in the industry? Get to them first and add them to your network for future, long-term business growth.

Getting it all to work together

The two tools: Google Trends & Google Insights are best used when monitoring certain criteria about your niche, industry, and personal interests, including:

  • Products & Services
  • Major players and competitors in your niche
  • Monitoring news related items and brands
  • Tracking industry events

Of course, there are many others specific to your interests and niche selection; try using a combination of your keywords, products, top concerns, and feedback from your community.

Once you’ve got all this big data, you can really begin to see trends and opportunities within you and your community; it’s a great way to future-proof your affiliate business.

Do you use Google Trends & Insights? Share a comment below.