Maybe some time ago you went ahead and purchase a domain name for your personal portfolio site. The intention was to claim your space and drive potential clients to your projects.

The thought was in good nature but because a portfolio site is so quickly made and the fact that we have all these social networks we’re using it’s very easy to forget about the site.

Go to your portfolio site and take a look.

  • Are there new projects missing?
  • Could you use an update to your picture and about me section?
  • Have your prices gone up?
  • Did you develop any new skills?
  • Is there content that are in need of updating?

I noticed I hadn’t updated my portfolio site since basically when I put it together. I now realize that if anyone had landed on that site in the last few years haven’t been able to contact me correctly. People also see old projects that are now defunct.

Does this sound like your portfolio site?

Here are some things you should do now that I got your attention about it:

  • Update the design. The industry has changed trends in Web design was back when you put together the site. Most hold up but now that Google wants to see responsive design (plus a huge amount of traffic is now mobile) it would be good to do a proper update so it looks and feels fresh to your leads.
  • Dump the old, update with new. Past projects you no longer work on can provide some nice insight but the techniques you used back then may not be as relevant today. Consider adding new items to your portfolio which shows recent skills and strategies that people will be expecting (and search for) when looking through the work.
  • Speed it on up. A portfolio site is generally light-weight but when it was first installed you may have just put it together on your normal host without additional services (like a CDN). Speed is a big factor these days so why not clean up the code, do one of these CDN services, or consider new hosting so it’s lightning fast.
  • Redo the about page. You have changed just like the portfolio items. Add new pictures of yourself, update what you have been doing in the last few months (or years), and consider piecing together a media kit which will help you easily share your brand and attract interested leads which will have everything needed to aid in promotion and important information to get in touch about your services.
  • Sell more than services. Branch out and start regularly adding content to the portfolio site that’s going to sell your services but also promotes affiliated products which can help you earn a bit of money in between the contacts. When you started the portfolio you may not have wanted to do hard sells but now that you’re established you may as well make the most of your online presence.
  • Funnel more toward social channels. Portfolios are important, no doubt, but social is where you are going to have the majority of your conversations. Consider pushing people toward your FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn account rather than just a contact page. Because you are driving them to social you can interact with them on an open platform which will help with providing rapid response and allow others to jump into the conversation (which creates opportunities for new leads).
  • Be proud of your marketing. Some affiliates tend to avoid talking about being one because there has been such a bad stigma around it for years (due to a few sour apples). Be proud of what you do and put it out there. If you are making great money for yourself through your affiliate marketing just think of the value you could bring to a potential client that has been considering starting an affiliate program for their business. It’s a very unique skill that will certainly help you gain clients versus casually mentioning you doing a myriad of skills that plenty others already offer.

Of course all of this actually only matters if you have a portfolio site setup. I highly recommend you do even if you are using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as your main sources of networking. The portfolio site will add to your credibility and professionalism plus you can put it together in an afternoon.

Whatever condition your portfolio site is in… go on and update it because it’s likely lacking and that means you’re missing out on opportunities to drive leads and build connections.


Image by Geralt