Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and this presents a great opportunity for the affiliate marketer.

Valentine’s Day is emotional so the purchases are often sporadic; by tapping into this emotion you are able to promote a great deal of products that are likely to be bought without much effort in the marketing (they sell themselves).

At this time there is roughly two weeks before V-Day and the sooner you can begin work on campaigns and promotions the better.

Don’t know what to promote? No worries, here are some to get you started…

  • Flowers – Online flower ordering services have affiliate programs. Your typical set of flowers may run $20 and won’t pick up too high a commission so it would be best that you promote the larger arrangements that can go upward of $100 (so more money on your end).
  • Chocolates/Fruits – A staple for V-Day and one that’s easily found online. You could promote designer chocolates and chocolate covered fruits for the big day and earn decent commissions. Around this time many of these companies will run coupons so it will certainly aid you with bringing attention to the promotion.
  • Destinations – You may catch those couples that have been together for some time that want to get away and experience something new. Travel is perfect for promotion during this time. The travel programs don’t pay a whole lot but couple that with other promos, and volume, and you could see some nice profits.
  • Jewlery – It goes without saying that jewelry is at the top of the list for V-Day. Promoting these products will bring in some very healthy commissions considering the costs of the products. Items like rings, bracelets, and necklaces are the way to go.
  • Dining – You could also promote gift cards and other programs that are related to dining whether it’s for one of the many chain restaurants or even something like Groupon which, for sure, will have dining experiences for the lovely day.

What are your plans for V-Day as an affiliate marketer?