Every affiliate marketer running a WordPress site, sooner or later, has to face one issue that’s not that obvious from day one. And that is the issue of keeping your site and its content backed up and safe.

WordPress is a well designed platform, but there are people (hackers) who might want to take down your site either just for the sake of it or as a way to lower your profits.

That’s where VaultPress comes into play. It’s a product designed to keep your site safe, secure, and backed up at all times.


There’s really a lot of stuff inside, and it’s impossible for us to list it all here. So just to name a few of the essentials:

  • real-time, automatic backups,
  • the backups contain your every post, page, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting,
  • your themes and plugins get backed up as well,
  • the backup is sent to at least two separate cloud services for improved safety,
  • all synchronization (backing up) happens in the background,
  • one-click database restore,
  • easy file-system restore mechanism,
  • and much more.

The Good

The best thing about this solution is that it’s a complete one. After signing up you won’t have anything else to worry about. No more manual backups or checking your website’s health by hand.

VaultPress also informs you about any possible security breach points your blog might have, and lets you know how to fix them.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the only downside of this product is its price. If you want to get their top plan (more on plans shortly) you’ll have to spend $350 a month per site.

Smaller affiliate businesses will have to settle for the Basic plan that’s $15 a month, and if you have more than one site then it still can get pretty expensive.

Price / Plan

There are three plans available:

  • Basic – $15 monthly per site.
  • Premium – $40 monthly per site.
  • Enterprise – $350 monthly per site.

To get the complete list of features for each plan please navigate to:

Customer Support

Basic support is available for all plans. More complicated and time consuming services are available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

The support team is available from 8am-5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday. Also, you can always use the contact form on the site.


“whew. thank goodness for @vaultpress and the new one-click database restore. had to use it today. so easy. 10000% worth paying for” -@greedygrechen

“33 charts was hacked – one month of blog posts vaporized… but quickly recovered by @vaultpress. Worth. Every. Dime.” -@Doctor_V

“Discovered today that @vaultpress acts as a site monitor as well as backup! First indication that my blog was down was an email from them!” -@R2UK

The Bottom Line

In the end, this tool/service is great. If you don’t want to take care of backing up your site manually then it’s probably one of the best possible solutions.

The price is the only reason why we’re giving it a score of 4.8 on a scale of 5.