It’s a wonder to me why so few businesses employ video as part of their marketing especially since video is extremely easy to create and is absolutely effective for conversions.

What do you have in your pocket, sitting at your desk, or in your hand right now? Is it your cell phone? If so then you already have the tool to make these money making videos.

I already covered a lot of video marketing through YouTube (it’s a series) but I wanted to come back to the topic and really condense it into a checklist which is very actionable this very afternoon.

My challenge is to print out this checklist, work your way through it one at a time, and in a month’s worth of time look at those numbers once you’re putting all that video into effect. I bet you the data will show quite a bit of additional traffic, conversions, and money in your wallet.

Here are the six points to do if you want to dominate it with video marketing:


Generate 10 Great Ideas

This should actually be no problem for you. At least five of the videos you will most likely want to create can be taken and repurposed from your popular articles. The later ideas should be those that align with related content, reviews, round-ups, or some form of in-depth tutorial.


Setup, Record, and Fine-tune

Your next task is to become proficient with video recording and editing. This doesn’t mean just recording a few videos in one go and calling it a day. You should take time to find a video editing program that fits your budget and learn as much as you can about its features. Go through tutorials to learn new techniques, read up on the basics (and history) of editing, and start developing a fine eye for all those little items that could cause distractions in your video or those items that can increase engagement.


Publish (Everywhere)

Once that video has been refined, cut of filler content, includes your call-to-action, and feels complete you are ready to publish it to the video sharing platforms. YouTube is obviously your first choice but don’t forget others like DailyMotion, Vimeo, LiveLeak, and more. Each of these platforms will have different but similar features where you’ll want to optimize the titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and the like in order to ensure its reaching its full potential.


Repurpose the Content

Now that the videos have gone live you should go back to the popular posts and embed them; they will be watched even though they’re the same content. You’ll also want to consider taking the video and perhaps cutting it down into snippets so that you could include it within an email series, publish on Vine/Instagram/Snapchat, or host it as part of a Webinar by giving it a lead in/out sequence. There are many different ways to repurpose any type of content you create (especially video).



Make it part of your daily routine to respond to comments you receive on your videos or on other platforms where it has been hosted. Listen to the feedback from these individuals and keep a log of them so you could later use them for new video ideas. Encourage those that are engaging with your video content to come over to your website or follow you on social channels; get them part of your audience by showing interest in theirs.


Track Analytics, Work Off Success

Crunch the numbers and find out what’s working for your video marketing efforts. Cut out the type of videos that aren’t doing well while amping up the amount of those videos that do. Begin expanding off the previous ideas and make it a regular occurrence where you are recording video for your projects. Within time you may also want to consider hiring a professional to do the editing and publication as this will allow you to focus solely on the video content.


You’ve got all kinds of platforms to share your video, editing them is easy, pitching affiliate offers comes natural for you, and Google loves video (just look at their placement in search results). What’s not to love about using video for marketing purposes? It lets you cut through the tedium of writing out content, gives your brand some personality, and really engages individuals. Don’t put video off any longer – take the challenge and make it work for your business this afternoon.


Image by StockSnap