Virgin Atlantic, one of the premier airlines in its industry, has embraced the world of affiliate marketing.

Unlike aggregated hotel/flight/vacation websites which offer a flat-rate on commissions, Virgin Atlantic is generous with their commissions and supports your work with a great range of ad copy and resources.

In this short review, we’ll be digging into the good, bad, and bottom line of the Virgin Atlantic affiliate program and whether it’s something worthwhile for your affiliate ventures.

Virgin Atlantic: Affiliate Breakdown

Virgin Atlantic is an international company which means the affiliate program greatly depends on your current location and traffic source.

For the UK, the program is offered through the following:

  • Affilinet
  • AffiliateFuture
  • TradeDoubler

For the US, the program is offered through:

  • AffiliateFuture
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Affiliate Network

Each network, regardless of which you choose, offers a 2% commission (even 2.5% depending on the network) on the entirety of the sale.

Alternatively, you can interact directly with Virgin Atlantic with their in-house affiliate program.

Considering a domestic flight costs roughly $300, your commission would be $6 USD. However, international flights (especially if you land a frequent flyer) range from $1,000 – $1,500 which has the potential to earn you $20 – $30 – not bad considering it’s a required cost for long distance travel.

The Program Performance

You want numbers, don’t you?

  • 3 Month EPC: $17.31 USD*
  • 7 Day EPC: $25.19 USD*

*According to Commission Junction

However, we know that EPC and sales amount doesn’t tell you everything so we took a look at the landing pages for Virgin Atlantic campaigns and must say … they’re on top of their design game.

You've GOT to love that landing page

Virgin Atlantic is a trusted brand and well renown for being a great airline to fly with due to their attention to detail, relaxed environment, and care during flights which makes this an easy sale if you’re within the right locations.

Virgin Atlantic: In Review

Virgin Atlantic, the brainchild of Sir Richard Branson, is poised to become one of the major players in the airline industry if they keep at their attention to detail and comfort for their passengers (sometime many airlines have thrown out the window … without a parachute).

Here’s how we feel the program breaks down …

The Good

  • The travel industry is in the trillions of dollars every year and continues to climb
  • There is easy ways to integrate flight affiliate programs into nearly any existing venture
  • Virgin Atlantic is constantly “one upping” the competition which makes for a better experience for the customer (and an easier sale on your end)

The Bad

  • You’re up against a gigantic industry, dozens of aggregated flight search websites, and the companies, directly
  • Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have as much reach as the bigger airlines such as Delta or American Airlines which limits your ability to sell a ton of flight options

The Bottom Line

There are many flight (travel) affiliate programs all over the net and many big players in the market. However, Virgin Atlantic strives to be the best in the business which puts you, the affiliate, at a great cross-point for sharing a valuable product without the guilt you’d find through recommending a less-than-stellar flight.

The commissions are respectable, ad banners attractive, and landing page optimized – what more could you ask for?

Our Verdict: 4.5/5

Virgin Atlantic gives affiliates a great cut of the commission on an item that many people are required to purchase for long-distance travel (obviously) which makes the sale easier on your end and, with Virgin Atlantic’s keen eye at design and conversions, makes for an instant value exchange for the customer.

Do you think Virgin Atlantic would be an affiliate program you’d be on-board with?