The rock blocking your proverbial “path” of email open rates comes down to the email subject lines. Previously, we’ve talked about crafting great subject lines but the tone was in all seriousness but what about the quick one-offs that not only gave the reader a chuckle or sparked curiosity but worked?

Here is our list of the 25 wackiest, silliest, and effective subject lines in email marketing:

  • Uncle MoFo and the Maharishi (strange but true)
  • YAY! (latent insanity for fun and profit …)
  • BREAKING NEWS (I’m totally hooking you up)
  • Peckerheads (and how NOT to be one 🙂
  • (embarrassing video) Reese in a dress, gangsta rap, and special effects
  • Pizza or Sushi?
  • What Frank Zappa taught me about life …
  • Watch Rich humiliate himself, live…
  • How many mid-life crisis’ are we allowed, anyway?
  • Blown tire, police, strip clubs & Road Bandit
  • Are you down with OPP?
  • Oh my … I’m BALD!
  • Almost no marketing value, but damn funny!
  • Please ignore if you’re already Crushing it online
  • Holy %#@^
  • One Dollar To Make Me Hollar? Yaaahaha [Video]
  • Drop that turkey sandwich! Only 3 hours left …
  • Tour of my office … dead trees, scorpions and all
  • If you can copy and paste, you can profit
  • Grinning like a goon
  • Can Growing a Mustache Change the World?
  • Free Coffee, Bad Apples & the Future of Currency
  • Eat, S**t, Sleep: Enlightenment through Unemployment
  • Flash: F Bomb or Da Bomb?
  • Hey (an actual subject line from the Obama campaign email list)

Funniest element about the majority of these? They come from the “Internet Gurus” like Frank Kern, John Carlton, and Ryan Diess. These individuals, despite your outlook on them, know how to get their subscribers to click; it goes to show that not everything needs to be serious in the world of marketing.

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Have a glimpse …

Have you tried a wacky subject line and had it work? Share!