Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) is a new product by Kyle and Carson (two guys with no last names, apparently … like Sting and Bono). Even though it might sound like it, WAU is no “get rich quick” scheme. Actually, it’s a complete Internet marketing training for people who want to create real online businesses and are searching for tools, support and services they can rely on, and for just one week, you can get a 7-day trial offer to Wealthy Affiliate University for just $1 by entering APGETSTARTED on their Join Page!


Let’s take it from the top and discuss some of the most important traits of the product, its pros and cons, and whether you should consider getting it or not.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University For?

The name suggests that affiliates are the only target group for this product. However, a lot broader group of marketers and business people can benefit from getting it as well.

WAU is an internet marketing training program, so it can be applied in many different scenarios by whoever wants to do business online. Not only affiliate marketers, but also: people who are searching for new career opportunities, people who simply want to switch careers, people searching for extra income, unemployed, people who already have online businesses, people just starting out in the online marketing world, students, professionals, etc.

Quite simply, if you’re searching for a way to get a decent education on how to make money online you can consider WAU as the product to get.

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What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate University?

As we said briefly in this review already, WAU is a training program on how internet marketing works. But to call it just that would be an understatement.

No matter what you do online there are many paths you can take. No one can ever tell you that you should work this number of hours per day instead of that number of hours. Or that you need to promote your products via PPC instead of natural SEO, and so on.

What we’re trying to say is that there are thousands of possible (and successful) paths an internet marketer can take. WAU appears to understand this fact, so it lets you decide on what you want to promote, how you want to promote it, and when you want to promote it.

WAU is not a simple PDF product or anything similar. It’s a membership program. This means that it stays up to date, and teaching you no techniques that have stopped working years ago.

As a matter of fact, there’s really little point in buying anything “physical” on internet marketing because the space changes so quickly… Like when Google introduced their Panda, for example.

As a member of the program you get access to sections like:

  • Article marketing training. The cornerstone of many online campaigns. WAU teaches you: how to get started, working with Squidoo, how to compete with higher ranking articles, working with article traffic, researching article marketing keywords, how to write many articles in a short span of time, spinning, outsourcing, understanding duplicate content issues, how to use EzineArticles.com, how to spy on your competition.
  • Pay-per-click training. Many beginner affiliate marketers are hesitant about PPC because they’re afraid to lose their money and not get anything in return. This is a valid concern and that’s why WAU teaches you: how to get started to not lose your shirt, mastering AdWords, Quality Score building, crafting PPC-friendly websites, how to get cheap traffic, writing ad copy, managing PPC campaigns, how to find keywords for PPC.
  • Email marketing training. Email marketing has always been one of the best promotional methods on the internet. Despite the amount of spam in the web these days people are still sending the majority of their communication through email, and that includes marketing messages as well. As WAU’s member you’ll get info on: how to build relationship with your subscribers, how to start with email marketing, turning a subscriber into a buyer, writing email copy, what landing page to use, how to find products to promote.
  • Niche research training. Niche searching is where every affiliate journey begins. Things you’ll find at WAU: understanding your customers, how to select a niche, indentifying hot products, how to do keyword research, how to spy on other sites, working with long tail keywords.
  • Search engine optimization training. It’s hard to imagine any decent internet marketing training without a chapter on SEO. No matter if some people like it or not, SEO can always be a major traffic-booster for every online project. WAU understands this so it teaches you things like: low cost ways to get traffic, building SEO websites, getting backlinks, using Twitter as part of your SEO strategy, doing keyword research for SEO, spying on your SEO competition, turning SEO visitors into customers.
  • Website development training. This is one of the two final parts that are rarely included in most internet marketing training programs because they’re not directly connected to making money, but this doesn’t make them unimportant. Actually, you won’t be able to make any money if you don’t know how to set up your website properly, or how to build and launch it. WAU teaches you all this and more. Including how to work with WordPress, how to choose a domain name, and how to create web-friendly content.
  • Web hosting training. This is where WAU goes even deeper into the technical aspects of internet marketing. It teaches you how to purchase a domain, hot to sign up for a web host, how to connect the two to each other, setting up email accounts, creating subdomains, and more.

Apart from sharing all this knowledge WAU is also very action-centered. Just within your first seven days you’ll have a website ready to sell or promote whatever you want. By the 14th day your site will start to rank in Google and receive traffic.

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All that obviously means one thing. This isn’t one of those fake set-it-and-forget-it programs. If you want to make it work you will have to work for it. As simple as this… It’s how the real world and real businesses operate.

So let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the program now.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate University

Apparently, the program provides a really big package of knowledge on a variety of different topics. This makes it possible for you to choose your own path and not settle for anything you don’t like doing.

If you want to try with SEO, you can. If you don’t want to spend money on PPC, you don’t have to, and so on.

But taking all this knowledge aside, probably the most important benefit is that you’ll have your website up and running within the first week. People who have begun their online careers in the early days can recognize the value here. Not being able to get the most basic stuff done can be really frustrating. No such problem with WAU.

However, if you just happen to stumble upon any problems you can get one-on-one support. The WAU team actually brags about their 100% response rate to every private message they have ever received.

And of course, you get to work with many likeminded people. When you’re a member of WAU you get access to their online forum where you can exchange thoughts and experienced with other internet and affiliate marketers.

Finally, WAU also gives you their in-house hosting for no extra charge. If you’re working on a budget you can get unlimited disk space for your websites, domain forwarding, stats reporting, PHPMyAdmin access, 10 MySQL databases, and more, all on WAU’s servers.



Cons of Wealthy Affiliate University

In a word: it’s overwhelming. This is a downside to many Internet marketing programs of such size. If you want to teach people many things in a short span of time the whole thing will inevitably be a bit overwhelming.

The good side, however, is that you don’t have to consume it all. You can choose what interests you the most and don’t pay much attention to the rest. But this creates another downside, we’re afraid…

Although WAU includes free hosting and subdomains if you want to be 100% in control of your online real estate (website, domain, etc.) you’ll have to invest in a third party domain (a serious .com) and reputable hosting that’s independent of WAU.

Do We Recommend It?

Are you kidding? Sure we do!

If you want to get some top quality internet marketing and affiliate marketing training then investing in WAU will be a great thing for you.

You get an outstanding package of knowledge and information, support, possibility to work with likeminded people, and tons of tools and resources to help you get to the final success.

But remember, this is no “get rich quick” scheme. If you want a Ferrari tomorrow then forget it. If you’re a normal human being, however, then sign up and start working on your success today.

The program’s a real bargain, by the way – only $47 a month. Until February 28, you can try WAU for seven days for just $1. Just enter APGETSTARTED on the Join Page!

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