A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, which goes double when it’s paired with your website content.

The image can become an impactful piece of media that hooks your visitor into diving through the rest of your content; once you’ve got them, it’s a matter of driving them through the sales funnel and closing on that affiliate sale.

However, it seems all too common to see websites with very lackluster images which is a true shame because they’re so easy to find.

Here’s what we’d recommend:

1. Ask a friend or devoted community member for the first word (or image) that pops into their head when you read them the title and then record this for potential usage.

2. Scan your work for keywords that stand out from the others – the real eye catchers – which would make for a perfect play on words within the picture.

3. Use contrast and go the opposite end of the spectrum to create a little disrupt between the image and content.

If you want a perfect example of how people are crafting images than take a gander at what’s being uploaded and liked on Instagram and Pinterest; both are massive image sharing-type networks that should give you some ideas for what people are looking for.

Next, consider going through some of these resources for images:

  • Photodune
  • Getty Images
  • iStockPhoto

Yes, this means you have to pay (gasp!) for your images.

You know why it’s worthwhile to pay for the work?

  • For one, you’re not using copyrighted material without permission
  • The other means that you’re using images that have been rarely used

Most site owners just do a quick Google search and run with what they find on the first results but every other site owner is doing the same – you want to stand out, don’t you?

Do this: Find an image that’s striking for the main point of your work and then browse through the stock photography sites for one that hasn’t been reshared a million times.

It’s as easy as that.