The weekend seems to be devoid of content updates and marketing messages. A lot of this stems from the fact that people are stepping away from their computers to spend time with friends and family but it’s equally done in part by the marketer.

The focus of this “Quick Improvements” part puts the focus on going the extra mile to turn the weekend into a prime time spot to capture loyal members of your website’s community.

Weekend Projects

Your general traffic (search engine stuff) may be down during the weekend but your most loyal followers are there awaiting your message because they’re working through the weekend to gain an edge on their competition – this means your message hits closer to home because people are ready to take action instead of just passing time throughout the work week.

An extra 1 – 2 hours of your time will show amazing results for lead generation and community engagement; here’s what you should know about weekend updates …


Make the Commitment

To begin, it’s worth noting that there is a certain level of commitment behind doing weekend updates.

We try to keep work out of our “play” time which is why so few affiliates do a whole lot of work on the weekends; it’s important to step away from work and enjoy the spoil of our rewards.

Despite the inherent slump in traffic you find in your weekend analytics – people still access your site.

Give them something fresh during the weekends, when they’re still active, and you’ll satisfy their urge to keep learning and taking action on Saturday and Sunday (which may be the only days they have time to work on side-projects throughout the week).

With that being said, consistency is key for doing your weekend updates. You don’t want to spend the next two weeks doing regular updates and then bail on the activity for months on end.

Do this: set aside just one hour of your weekend to put together some form of content. That’s it.

In a month that’s four hours which isn’t a whole lot of time especially when you measure it against a nice bump in site traffic because you’re delivering information during the times that competitors are taking the days off.


Test the Various Formats

It’s about the content.

People finally have the time to mull over their bookmarks, pinned tabs, and take action on what they’ve read throughout the week which may have been busy because of work and their lifestyle.

The content doesn’t have to be ground-breaking or some magnificent piece that brings tears to their eyes – – just something to give them some entertainment, actionable items, and solid information.

Consider using the weekend updates as simple updates or “quick fix” pieces that someone can read over in a few minutes and do one simple action.

Here are a few that we’d recommend:

  • Weekend Email Updates – Email is very easy to schedule so there shouldn’t be a problem with putting this type of weekend update together; you could set it to go out on Saturday morning around 9am just as you would for regular, weekly updates (like we do on The email could be a round-up of your latest posts, offers, or an exclusive email to loyal subscribers. People will check their email on the weekends so you might as well strike it while the iron is hot.
  • Weekend Blog Wrap-Ups – Perhaps you should use your weekend update as some form of “wrap-up” where you share the things you’ve learned through the week, feedback received from community members, new resources you’ve discovered, products you’ve enjoyed, services that “wowed” you, or any other item that has significance that you may not have covered throughout the work week. People will find these relaxed posts easy to read and it may spur up a sale or two if you make mention of a product.
  • Weekend Event/News Coverage – The world doesn’t stop with you or the workweek; there are plenty of news and events worth devoting coverage especially if no one else takes the time to cover these items until it hits Monday. You could share local events, conferences, big news items related to your industry, events/news about what’s happening with you. These two items aren’t really “evergreen” content so they don’t have to be professional (for the most part) – they’re there to hold individuals over until everything starts back up again.

Play with the formats and delve into your creativity to see what other types of content you can come up with; there really is no limit and it’s more than nothing (when you think about it).


Lead into the Next Week

One final note: make the content you’re sharing on the weekends lead into the week.

You don’t necessarily need to make the weekend updates as part of an overall series or tie-in tightly with existing content but it should tell those active on the weekend what they can expect for the following week because it will build excitement and have them coming back.

A simple strategy would be to keep a closing section of the work explaining what you have in the works for the coming week which could become a regular recurrence if you update your weekend readers the following weekend with the goals you’ve accomplished set the in the previous.

Other ideas could be:

  • Showing a snippet of your up-coming content
  • Doing a cryptic screenshot of a new release
  • Asking what they want to see and publishing the answers

Again, let your imagination take over and play with the format.



A quick update can be a nice bump in your website traffic during the usual slump that’s caused by the weekend. You may even find you’ve increased affiliate sales because you’re landing a marketing message right after an individual got paid – – plus they have the time to take action!

Give it a try and see what works for your website – make the commitment – have some fun with it.