Family affiliate programs cover a broad array of services and products on the Web and can range from birthday party supplies and pregnancy books and tips to family friendly movies and products designed to child-proof television and Internet content.

Make Sure Your Site is Appropriate to Market for these Programs

Sites that deal in family-friendly and kid friendly products monitor closely the types of sites they allow into their affiliate programs. They prefer sites that specialize in education, child-friendly crafts and games, parenting tips, etc. If you have a similar site, you may be perfect for a family affiliate program. And the nice thing about family affiliate programs is that they cover such a wide array of products. This means you could join several affiliate programs that would be suitable for your site. Just choose those you think offer the best, most helpful or most unique products.
Evaluate the sites per the following tips:

  • What products will most suit your site visitors?
  • Customer service – can you find contact information for customer service easily? Do they have a toll-free number or just an email link?
  • Ordering process – is it easy to place an order on the site? Do they have appropriate site security for personal and financial information? Do you receive a confirmation number?
  • Site quality – Is the site easy to navigate? Are the product descriptions clear? Are the images high quality?
  • Selection – make sure the company offers whatever it is you feel comfortable promoting
  • Return policy – is the return policy clearly detailed? Will they only accept returns after a certain number of days? Do they offer supported (even limited-time support) on certain products?
  • Do they give detailed information about each product?
  • Are all of the items readily available? Many sites that sell family-related items are mom and pop sites and you need to be careful with inventory

These tips may seem a bit obvious, but if you think about it, you won’t make commission on a site that doesn’t deliver to its customers as promised. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you really need to look out for yourself and cover all of the bases.
How to Optimize Sales

Why do online businesses use affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are used as part of a broad and sound marketing strategy. Affiliate programs may take the strain off of other forms of online marketing and advertising. Affiliate marketing is a great way to build incoming links (which leads to a more fully optimized site). Search engines also factor in the quality of the sites providing the incoming links, so the better your site looks, the better the affiliate site looks in the eyes of the search engines.

In order to be successful, you will want to add additional elements that may draw these shoppers in, along with attracting the attention of the visitors you receive on your own merits.

Quick Tips: Optimize Your Site to Promote Your Family Affiliate Site

  • Keep in regular contact with your affiliate so that you can promote the latest sales and specials, like free delivery or next day delivery. You’ll also want to be informed on their inventory
  • Keep your links and banners updated
  • Add a blog to your site that addresses current trends and new products in family, parenting and kid-friendly industries. You can link to the retail site in the blog, as well
  • Do you send out regular correspondence or a newsletter? Promote the affiliate site in those, as well.