Blogging provides anyone with the power to communicate with a huge online audience. According to blog search engine Technorati, there are more than 60 million blogs in existence to this date. While some blogs linger in obscurity, others rise to the top and are read by millions of people every day. What are these superstar bloggers doing different than everyone else? Online buzz is what catapults these influential bloggers into fame and sometimes fortune.

Can you become a super blogger? By employing a few basic techniques, some creativity, and a lot of passion for your topic, you can establish a loyal readership and attract new viewers to your blog. The following tips and techniques can get you started on your way to blogging success.

Know Your Stuff

The biggest difference between small and high traffic blogs is expertise. Top bloggers know a lot about their topic and they know how to write well for a general audience. These bloggers don’t expect every reader to have their level of experience or knowledge and they are willing to share important tidbits and advice with those new to the subject.

Be Passionate

Show your readers how enthusiastic you are about your topic. Whether your blogging about the latest world news or classic car maintenance, always allow your passion to shine through in your writing. Try to get your readers as excited about your subject as you are and they will be sure to return to your site time and time again.

Write for the Web

Small-time bloggers often forget that the basic rules of writing for the Web also apply to blogging. Write gripping headlines that immediately identify your topic, keep your paragraphs short and snappy, and utilize lists to break down long segments of text. Readers want to understand your main points quickly and easily without having to dig through long block or dry, boring copy. By blogging with Web writing in mind, you can ensure that readers clearly receive your message.

Join the Community

No blog is an island. Being part of the blogosphere is all about joining in on the conversation. Don’t let your blog become an isolated site cut adrift from the rest of the Web. Join the online community by starting a blogroll, posting comments on other blogs, and inviting other bloggers to post comments on your site. Building relationship with readers and other bloggers is the key to attracting new visitors and building word-of-mouth buzz about your blog.

Write Compelling Posts

While blogging isn’t like the nightly news and doesn’t require getting the earliest scoop on the hottest stories, it is important to write compelling and interesting posts. Choose topics that you know will interest your readers and offer unique insights or an intriguing twist on the story. Interesting posts act like link bait, inspiring other websites and blogs to link to your posts and share them with other readers. These links can dramatically improve your online profile and draw in a significant number of new readers.

Planning for the Future

Even if you’ve been blogging for a while now, you can still integrate some of these techniques used by all-star bloggers into your future efforts. Start looking for ways to improve your blog, build relationships with other bloggers, and invite reader feedback and participation. Blogging is a fast and effective way to communicate with a huge global audience, so take the time to learn some of the best ways to become a respected and influential blogger.