One of the most recent emerging trends in affiliate marketing is the sudden popularity and appeal of Christian affiliate programs. Books, movies, music and dating services are just a few of the popular Christian offers featured on the Web. If you are a Christian marketer or simply thinking about exploring this growing niche area, there are a number of special concerns and issues you should know about.

Content is Key

Successful Christian affiliates must do much more than simply place links to products and services on their websites. In order to maximize your earning and attract loyal customers, you must create content especially for your target audience. Start your efforts by deciding exactly who your audience is and what they are looking for online. Focus your efforts on creating original content that appeals to the interests and needs of potential customers.

Link Placement

The way you present your affiliate links is also important. Banner ads are used by some Christian affiliates, but these overused links tend to have poor click-thru rates and conversions. Readers are so used to seeing these ads on websites that they have actually learned to simply ignore them. Instead, utilize text links placed strategically within the content of each page.

For example, create a product review and showcase affiliate links to the item at both the beginning and end of your review. By directly relating your Web copy to your affiliate links, you can dramatically increase click thru rates and actual sales.

SEO for Christian Affiliates

Once you’ve created a website and filled it with great content and affiliate links, you need to turn your attention to drawing more traffic to your site. As with other types of affiliate marketing, Christian affiliates need to generate a significant amount of traffic in order to achieve substantial sales and affiliate commissions. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to bringing new readers to your website.

Christian affiliates need to carefully select the search terms that their potential customers are using in the major search engines. By targeting these terms, you can achieve higher search rankings for your chosen keywords. Search traffic will make up the bulk of your page views, so it is important for your success to rank high for key Christian search terms.

Build Buzz in the Christian Online Community

Viral marketing is another great way to build incoming links to your site and expand the reach of your marketing efforts. By participating in online Christian forums or blogs, you can increase the general awareness of your website. Make it easy for your readers to publicize your site by prominently displaying links to popular social networking sites such as Digg, and Furl.

Christian affiliates can achieve amazing results if they are fully aware of some of the special concern and issues that may affect their website. By creating content for a religious audience, placing links wisely, focusing on SEO and becoming a part of the online Christian community, you can ensure your success now and for years to come.