In our previous post on “Will Your Affiliate Manager Meet Your Needs?” we covered the basics of what you should expect from your affiliate manager and how your relationship may grow over time. In this post we are going to cover a few of the different types of affiliate managers that you may come across.

Just like all affiliate networks are not the same, the same holds true for affiliate managers. If you join and network and never heard from your affiliate manager, shoot them and email, and if you still aren’t finding success, join another affiliate network. Affiliates and affiliate managers is a two way relationship and it takes a lot of time, communication and trust to make it work.

The Different Types of Affiliate Managers and Their Futures

  • Newbie Affiliate Managers: Everyone has to start somewhere, but when a veteran affiliate signs up for a network and are issued a new affiliate manager who is fresh in the industry, this usually never works out well.
  • Annoying Affiliate Managers: Granted, it’s always nice to have an affiliate manager that lets you know about the latest offers and best ways to promote offers on their network, but having one that contacts you every day to push offers can get very annoying. Sometimes affiliate managers might have pressure on them to increase the volume, and this can get annoying for any affiliates that already know how to run the day to day operations of picking offers and setting up ad campaigns.
  • Excellent Affiliate Managers: They are far and few, but every once in a while you may come across an affiliate manager that really helps increase your overall business and profits. From easy pay out increases, to letting you know where and how to promote the latest offers, some affiliate managers can be really great at their jobs. When this happens, make sure you hold onto them for dear life. Many times these types of partnerships will lead to long relationships online and lots of money to be made for both you, your affiliate manager and the ad network.
  • When Affiliate Managers Leave Networks: The affiliate / internet industry is like no other when it comes to people jumping around to different companies in the same industry. I’ve personally be through almost a hundred affiliate manager across all of the networks I’ve signed up with.
  • Affiliate Managers Starting Their Own Networks: Another classic move by affiliate managers is when they join an affiliate network then decide to start their own network after they made all of their contacts and learned the secrets to making money with their own ad network.

There is nothing wrong with any of the affiliate managers and concepts above, but it’s more about being aware of your surroundings and not treating your affiliate manager like they are only there for you and looking out for your best interests at all times.

In many cases this may not be true, but in an industry where our ad campaigns and profits/losses can swing dramatically, it’s best to keep all of your campaigns and their details to yourself.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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