SociBuzz is a new social media marketing platform that aims to bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers using the social web, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more networks, without “getting in the way” between the campaigns.

A New Approach to SMM

The idea of SociBuzz has been done before with other social media marketing platforms such as SponsoredTweets.

What makes this network truly unique is the overall goal of delivering the best results for their advertisers while giving the publishers a greater cut (compared to other networks).

At the time of this writing, the publisher account has a sparse selection of advertisers yet this is to understood because, after all, the platform is still within the beta stages.

For Advertisers

SociBuzz provides a great, inexpensive opportunity for affiliate marketers and online business owners to reach their target audience without breaking the bank.

The base price of a sponsored social mention rounds in at $0.03 while additional options such as country targeting ($0.02), premium ($0.15), superior ($0.25) provide a greater array of social marketing variables for your campaigns, each providing a greater ROI based on your selection of the major social networks.

For Publishers

Publishers will find it pleasant to create a new source of income based on their existing social media accounts. Upon account creation, a basic profile is required and it’s recommended that you connect a decent selection of your social profiles (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many more).

Publishers are paid, via Paypal, every Monday with minimum cash out set at $1.00.

Initial Hiccups

I spent some time digging around the network but cannot say, for certain, how well the network works. At the time of this writing, the network has just 153 publishers, 1,002 visitors, and a reach of 306,057 all-the-while sporting a broken video on their home page.

I also took the time to attempt to run a SociBuzz campaign by posting one of the sponsored messages to my Google+ profile but was met with resistance as the ‘terms & agreement’ didn’t seem to function and would not allow me to post the message.

However, we all know that many platforms take some time to gain their ground especially due to stiff competition. I believe that SociBuzz has a lot of potential and is warrants your time to explore the possibilities of promoting your business or earning additional income.

What do you think of SociBuzz?