Lots of people use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook for many different reasons. Some people use them to share their status updates and others use them for marketing efforts.

Did you ever notice how you get different responses to your social updates and postings based off the different times you post during the day?

It’s actually something many of us probably think about, but never really had any solid stats to back up our thoughts.

The majority of people are on the internet while they are at work, which means Monday through Friday would probably bring better results than the weekends. Likewise, you would expect the normal working hours would drive better clicks and interaction, then posting before or after a normal work day takes place.

In the “When Should I Post This” infographic below from Rakacreative.com, we finally will have a better answer these sought after questions.

Let’s take a look at what they have to say after visually breaking down a recent study from Bit.ly data services.


  • The best time to send out a post on Twitter is during the early afternoon Monday through Thursday.
  • Avoid posting content after 8 pm on any day, and specifically after 3 pm on Fridays.


  • The best time to post content to Facebook? According to this report, Wednesdays at 3pm is the absolute best time to see results.
  • There has also been a consistent click activity stream seen during the hours of 1 – 4 pm during the mid week.

The next time you go to make a posting on your blog or web site, you might want to make sure that you follow these same posting guidelines and time issues. If you make a post at a different time, be sure to follow up with a status update the following day to your Facebook and Twitter account at the recommended times shown in the infographic.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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