The job of a search engine is to give the Web shopper the most relevant results. Just like in the Yellow Pages, you wouldn’t want to flip to auto parts, call the number listed in the biggest ad on the page only to be connected with a plumber just because the plumber happened to pay extra money to get listed in auto parts ad because he knew that’s what people were looking for. In the early days of the Internet, things like that did happen. There was much abuse when it came to keywords like adding popular keywords to a site and making them only visible to the search engines. Or, adding keywords in the code that weren’t site relevant, but were very popular searches – sex, for example. Fortunately, the search engines cracked down on this kind of practice and in order to rank high in the search results not only do you need keyword-rich copy, but this copy needs to be added to and updated frequently.

What the Spiders are Looking For

Spiders crawl the web regularly to re-index pages,and they particularly love Websites that are frequently updated with fresh content and information. This includes adding new pages to your site. A good rule of thumb is the more pages, the better. Why is this? As I mentioned above, it is the job of the search engine to give the Web shopper the most relevant and up-to-date information possible. That’s what users are looking for – the latest information. Therefore, when you add fresh content to you site on a regular basis, the search engines will pick up on this.

Quality Content Makes for a Quality Website
The fact that you continue to add fresh content to your site will also add to the site’s stickiness. Visitors will return to your site more often if you add more information, like a blog for example. The more popular your site is in terms of visitor return, the higher you rank in the search results It’s kind of a constant cycle and it’s one you must maintain in order to keep your ranking high. If you fail to update your pages and content on a regular basis, you will surely see you ranking drop.

Add Quality Content with a few Easy Techniques

You have to be careful, however, not to go overboard and start adding content like crazy every day for weeks at a time. That looks suspicious. Instead, you may want to add an area to your site containing articles or press releases. As I mentioned above, a blog is a great way to entice return visitors. You can also pick few pages to freshen up every week. Tips on how to use your product (if you have an e-commerce site) or even an RSS feed is a guaranteed and easy way to keep your site updated with fresh content. When you add quality content to your site and even publish articles on other sites that link back to yours, you are establishing your company as an industry expert in the eyes of the search engines.