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While banner advertising has often been the standard for Internet promotion, the emergence of other types of marketing has led many advertisers to turn away from banner ads. Despite the fact that banners are not as predominant as they once were, they can still be used effectively in online marketing campaigns.


When To Use Banner Ads


The key to a successful banner advertising campaign is to know when and where to use them. While text links have become the most popular form of online advertising, banner ads can stand out among pages that have become over-saturated by text-based advertising. A well-planned banner campaign can attract the attention of users who have learned to ignore text ads.


Tips for Affiliate Advertisers


If you are using banner advertising as part of your affiliate marketing efforts, you need to carefully plan your strategy. Good banner advertising can attract new customers, while poor ads can simply be a wasted effort. The following tips can help you determine when and where to use banner advertising.


  1. Consider where your banner ads will appear. If your ad appears on a website that is already cluttered with lots of other ads, you ad will simply get lost in the mix. Choose sites that are uncluttered and will feature your ad in a prominent location.
  2. Use a call to action to increase your conversion rate. Give readers a reason to want to click on your ad. Requesting action, grabbing reader attention, or making an offer to your visitors are all great ways to inspire people to read your ad and click on your ad.
  3. Place banner advertising on websites focused on related topics. For example, an ad for an MP3 player will be far more effective on a technology website than it would be on an arts and crafts website. Always consider where your ads will appear before creating a banner advertising campaign.
  4. Consider the payment structure offered by the advertising service. Many utilize a CPM structure that charges based on the number of page impressions. Pay-per-click (PPC) structures tend to be a more affordable option, charging only for the number of clicks generated by a banner ad.


How to Get Results with Banner Advertising


Improving conversions of banner advertisements can be accomplished in a number of ways. Placing the ad in a prominent location on the page is a great way to draw reader attention. Having a banner ad as the only advertisement featured on a page can also lead to increased click thru rates.


The visual design of your banner ads also plays an important role in the conversion rate. Well-designed graphics are attractive and professional looking. Most importantly, these ads are focused and communicate their message effectively. Clearly identify what you are selling or promoting in the ad to inspire interested viewers to click on the ad.


By planning carefully, you can make banner advertising an effective part of your marketing strategy. Ads that look professional and are placed on related websites are the most likely to generate increased click thru responses. While text links ads will remain useful and effective, their overuse on many websites has diminished their results. Banner advertising is a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of new customers.


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