In my over 7 years as a full-time affiliate marketer, I’ve used a lot of strategies to drive traffic, generate sales, and make profits from my web sites. When I run into new affiliate marketers asking me for the best way to start making money online with a budget, I tell them they need to become a student of article marketing.

Here, you’ll discover the reasons why I advocate this strategy above all others as a starting point.

Targeted Traffic Underpins All Sales

First, let’s remember that targeted traffic is the lifeblood of all affiliate marketers. Without it, the best conversion strategies and metrics are useless.

So, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to decide on a single traffic generation technique to start and grow your business. Sure, you can employ multiple methods simultaneously but, in my experience, this is one of the biggest mistakes people who have not achieved much success online can make.


Simply because you’re spreading yourself too thin! Many people make this mistake, so you’re not alone. But trying to master per-per-click, search engine optimization, and article marketing all at once, for example, does not amplify your results, but actually dilutes them.

Focusing on a single tactic in the beginning and mastering it before deciding to add more to your traffic generation arsenal is by far the best tip I can give to budding affiliate marketers.

Why Article Marketing?

I am such a strong proponent of article marketing as the starting point for the vast majority of affiliates because it strikes a balanced medium between PPC, on the one hand, and SEO on the other.


PPC, for example, is the fastest traffic generation strategy out there, but it’s also the most difficult to master. Sure, you can drive traffic literally within minutes of setting up a campaign, but you can also easily lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars quickly. And most affiliates do.


SEO, on the other hand, is a more plodding strategy. I have built and consulted the building of numerous large web sites over the years, and although SEO is great for long-term targeted traffic, it typically takes an investment of many months before the first trickle of traffic starts to come in, much less the first affiliate sales you aim to drive. On the other hand, unlike PPC, organic traffic derived from SEO doesn’t cost you money out of pocket.


Article marketing, in my opinion, affords the best of both of these worlds. It can drive traffic quickly — results are often achievable in days and certainly weeks, as opposed to many months like SEO — and it doesn’t cost you money out of pocket, unlike PPC. Your investment is paid in the form of sweat equity.


And let’s face it, most fledgling affiliates have more time to spend than money, especially in a soft economy. Once you drive consistent sales with article marketing, reinvest your profits back into your affiliate business in the form of education to spur your growth dramatically.

Does Article Marketing Have Longevity?

One of the most common concerns about article marketing that crops up is that some people seem to think of it as “stunt traffic.” Stunt traffic is a quick burst of traffic that then dies off just as quickly. Article marketing, however, has stood the test of time and I continue to pull a great deal of targeted traffic from articles I had written years ago.


Moreover, the reality is that PPC, in my view, isn’t a very predictable source of traffic because bid prices are in a constant state of flux. How many nightmare stories have you heard from PPC marketers when the next “Google slap” comes along and bid prices suddenly spike by multiples? As someone who has built and still owns several large authority sites, I can tell you that even here, your traffic can be quite fickle as pages of your site may fall out of favor for months before coming back.


Sure, your article marketing traffic will fluctuate as well, but the more consistently you do it over the long term, the better and more steady your traffic results will be. Article marketing, in fact, can be your sole source of driving the targeted traffic you need to build up your success as an affiliate marketer.

About the Author

Super Affiliate Dan Ho has been a full time internet marketer for over 7 years. As the founder of Affiliate Article Writers he teaches hundreds of students how to build recurring, lifetime income through this nearly turn-key affiliate training system. Affiliate Article Writers teaches highly focused article marketing applied directly to high demand, lifetime income products to build significant passive income. Affiliates who had never experienced success online before are achieving results quickly by following Dan’s simple, proven strategies.