Salespeople have them, million dollar sports athletes have them… and so should you!

Just like in any other business of job, there are many levels of work that you will come across, and having a mentor or friend along the way can help you greatly. Over the past 15 years I’ve been making money online, I’ve had many friends who have helped me a long the way. From helping me to avoid common pitfalls (but expensive) pitfalls, to advising me on the best strategies, or simply brainstorming new ideas, I’ve benefited from having professional friends in my corner to help me grow my venture tremendously. Many of them are successful, some fell behind and got out of the internet marketing game, and I’m actually still good friends with some of them still.

In this article we are going to talk about the importance of having your own affiliate coach. I’m not talking about finding a guru or someone who offers consulting, I’m talking about finding someone that actually cares and takes time to have conversations with you and not looking to charge you on an hourly basis. They aren’t easy to come across, but through attending affiliate marketing conferences and being personal and not come off as egocentric or annoying, most people are willing to spend some time to talk with you, and that may be your chance at becoming friends with personal coach or mentor who can help you along the way… And ultimately, guide you to reach your vital financial and success goals faster than if you would if you were operating on your own.

Of course you always have the option to hire a coach or mentor on a consulting basis, but you will find this to be much more expensive and non-personal as the months and years go by. You’d be surprised how much you can learn, and the people you can get in contact with my attending conferences, talking to speakers after sessions and attending after parties.

Let’s now cover three different ways you can set yourself up with an online coach and training methods.

Turning Your Mentors Into Friends

One of the best ways to find yourself meeting and talking with one of your mentors, is by actually meeting them at affiliate marketing and blogging conferences. I’ve met with some amazing people over the years and am very good friends with them now. Some of these people are extremely well known and would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get on the phone. All it took was some time at a conference and being personable, and I can reach these good friends at any time and just bounce some ideas off them and see how things are going. Best of all, since they are good friends of mine now, there are no costs!

The takeaway here is, don’t be afraid to approach your favorite online marketers and bloggers and build a real life relationship with them. You never know where it may lead!

Using Blogs as Your Coaches

For those of you who haven’t been able to make it to a live affiliate marketing or blogging conference yet, you are probably focused on reading a lot of blogs. Just like you can meet with top bloggers and marketers at events, you can do the same through email. It won’t be the same experience, but many people are still willing to take the time and write you back if you are nice about it.

Also, there are plenty of blogs out there that have been started by people who have documented their process from starting with nothing, to making money online. Everything from recommended program, tutorials, case studies and guides… it’s all out there if you just take the time to look for them.

Getting Coaching from Premium Forums

While most online bloggers and marketers don’t advertise that they offer consulting or coaching, many of them will if the price is right. Usually these rates are pretty high and not affordable for new affiliates and people looking to learn how to make money online.

One alternative that has worked out very well, is to use premium forums which offer support, training and special tools to help each other out. Instead of receiving coaching from one person, you have a whole community to work with. One of the forums I have been active in and have heard a lot of good things from, is the StackThatMoney forum. The price is $99 a month, but when you break it down with how many tools, features and the advice you are getting from others, it’s well worth it.

In the end… do you really need a coach?

I would say it’s extremely important to have some form of coaching, whether that is just someone to bounce ideas off of, friends online that are also learning the process with you, or even paying someone to help you out just so you have some pressure on you to get things done.

I don’t think it’s required that you spend money on getting a coach. There are already so many tools and learning resources out there, but if you don’t have the time to research and look for everything on your own, a coach can definitely speed up the process and get you in the right direction.

If you talk to any successful entrepreneur or business owner, I guarantee they will advise you to connect with a coach.  With someone who has proven success and knowledge in your corner and vested in you, not only will your company grow faster, but so will your revenue!

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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