There are two types of people in the world: those who trust Google and those who do not. Which group do you belong to?

Although there is nothing wrong with relying on and using Google’s many services, you have to be careful about how much trust you instill in the search engine giant.

Here are three reasons why you can’t trust Google.

Google Algorithm Can Change On A Dime

One day you are on the top of the world as your website sit at the top of Google’s rankings. Step a few days into the future and everything has turned around. Now, your website has slipped off the first page and all your traffic and income is gone.

Google is always changing its algorithm. The most recent Panda update was said to have only affected a small number of people. While this may be true, if you are part of that small number you know just how bad it hurts to have your rankings disappear overnight.

It’s All a Secret

Nobody is asking Google to share everything they know. That being said, it would be nice to get some answers from time to time. Take for example somebody who has had their AdSense account banned. Good luck finding out why this happened. You will receive a generic “form email” and that is that. Try as you may, you are never going to get an exact answer or resolution.

Google Can Take You Down

Do you rely on Google for all your traffic? There is no denying that Google is the number one search engine in the world. They can send you more traffic than Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines combined. But just as quickly as they can send this traffic they can take it away. If you are relying solely on Google to keep your business running, all it takes is one change going against you and your entire organization could go under.

Is Google Watching You?

Some people strongly believe that Google is in the business of collecting as much information on its users as possible. This is why there is a growing group of people who will not install Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools on their site. In short, they don’t want to give them an inside look at how their site is performing.