As an affiliate marketer, you’re always looking to get more traffic to your site. But in order to get the best traffic, you’ll want to attract readers in a fun, interactive way that complements your marketing strategy and the content on your website. While there are many tools out there to accomplish this, such as polls, contests, quizzes, slideshows and videos, one of the hot ways to make your content sing is to use infographics.

Infographics, as we’ve discussed recently, are visual representations of information, data or knowledge that can help your site readers understand complex information quickly and easily. So if you’re presenting your readers with information that can benefit from being represented visually, infographics can be a terrific addition to your marketing strategy.

Here are the three main benefits of using infographics on your affiliate website.

1) They’re viral: Users on social bookmarking sites such as Digg love to share infographics. If your infographic goes viral, you can expect anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 hits in just a few weeks.

2) They help people understand complicated ideas: In the same way that a Powerpoint cluttered with text doesn’t help users understand what they’re seeing as well as one with just a few words and appropriate images, you web content can suffer if you don’t help users visualize your message.

3) They can drive traffic: Because of their interactive and graphic nature, web users love to share infographics.

Infographics for Affiliate MarketersThis example of an infographic is from Killer Infographics, a popular design agency that focuses entirely on infographic design. They have created more than 750 infographics since their inception in late 2010.

The challenge with infographics is that they require more graphic design expertise than the typical affiliate has. Sure, most of us can crop and resize images, or even create easy and quick logos. But when it comes to advanced design tasks such as infographics, which require 2D manipulation, design skills, knowledge of font weight and text layout, most of us are better off seeking the help of a qualified designer or design firm.

While it might cost us more than we’d like, it will save valuable time and energy. And it will certainly produce a better product in the end.

If you’re looking for help with infographics, you can try Googling for graphic designers, or contracting with someone through Guru or Odesk. You might even seek out an agency that specializes in infographics.