So, you’ve got a great website with some phenomenal informational content. You’ve chosen a great book affiliate program that compliments your site but your wondering why the money isn’t coming in. It could be your promotional system. Promoting your book affiliate program is as important as the content on your website.

Promoting your book affiliate program is the main element in your formula for victory. Promoting is how you get your visitors attracted to your book affiliate program. It brings their attention to the book and draws them in.

Promoting can be done with a variety of techniques. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact it can cost almost nothing or it can be thousands of dollars a year. It all depends on your marketing strategy. It’s smart to start out cheap and build up the curiosity in your product.

The cheapest way of all is to write your own promotional material. Writing an article or ad blurb with your own thoughts and experiences on the book is a sure fire way to build interest. If you loved the book then others will too. If you truly believe in the book affiliate program, there will be others who feel the same.

You can also consider giving away free prizes or running a contest to encourage your sites visitors to purchase a book through your affiliate program. Anything free draws attention to the book affiliate program and sparks an interest. Some free things you can do are write an e-book on a related subject, give away stickers, pencils or recipe cards.

Make use of the tools the book affiliate gives you. Affiliate programs like these make available marketing tools like highly effective buttons and banners as well as sales and marketing reports to track your commission.