Independent affiliate programs can be a great addition to your online marketing strategy. While many retailers opt to use large affiliate networks such as Linkshare and Commission Junction, many more choose to operate their own independent programs.

Because ad networks can be so convenient, many affiliates wonder why they should bother promoting independent programs. But there are a number of reasons why affiliate marketers should not overlook this opportunity. What are some of the potential advantages of independent programs? The following are just a few of the benefits:

  • Independent programs often offer a higher commission rate than those featured on large affiliate networks
  • Marketers can select unique products that might not be available through other affiliate networks
  • Affiliates can build a more personal relationship with independent programs
  • Independent programs are often more flexible and adaptable than other affiliate programs

Take Advantage of Higher Commission Rates

In order to participate in affiliate networks, retailers often have to pay large startup fees and commissions. While being part of a network can simplify much of the process, these overhead expenses make it difficult for merchants to offer great sales commissions to their affiliate partners.

By setting up and running an independent program, retailers are better able to share their success with affiliate marketers. These independent programs frequently feature much higher commission fees and percentages than affiliates would see on a larger network. These increased payouts can dramatically improve your earning potential, so never overlook this potential stream of income.

Promote Highly Targeted Products That Appeal to Your Audience

Many retailers selling niche products and services opt to run independent affiliate programs simply because their offers are so unique. If your website is devoted to a very specific topic, promoting these targeted offers that are provided by independent programs is a great way to monetize your site. Take the time to identify which items appeal to your audience and learn how to promote these offers effectively.

Establish a Great Working Relationship with Retailers

One of the greatest benefits of joining independent programs is that affiliates are able to build one-on-one relationships with retailers. Once you have established your website as an important sales tool, these retailers are often willing to work with you to develop new opportunities for your website. This is a great way to establish a working relationship with other businesses and provide access to unique content and offers that your audience might not find anywhere else on the Web.

Enjoy Flexibility and a Wide Range of Options

Independent programs are also a great way to explore a wide range of affiliate options. These autonomous affiliate programs are in a better position to work with your website and provide the flexibility necessary to suit your marketing needs. If you’ve been looking at the offers available through the major networks, but have not yet found anything that is right for your marketing needs, then you need to consider independent programs. With the proper research, effort, and creativity, you can effectively promote these independent programs and turn them into a lucrative affiliate opportunity.