As affiliate and internet marketers, knowing how to just create ad campaigns and pick what offers to run just isn’t enough. The real skill in being an online marketer is being able to create profitable ad campaigns that convert.

Being able to make an offer convert is everything! Anyone can throw an ad campaign together on the major search engines and get clicks. Clicks cost money and so does traffic. Even with PPV marketing you can buy all the traffic in the world, but again… if it doesn’t convert, who cares!

In this post we are going to cover several different points on how you can better critique your ad campaigns to make sure they are focused only getting quality clicks that lead to conversions. Implement these changes to your ad campaigns and you will see a big difference in your overall ROI.

Focus on the Right Keywords and Traffic Sources

As mentioned, anyone can buy traffic… but buying the right traffic is the different between blowing your budget in a few hours and actually making a problem.

For example, if you are going to sell books online and are focusing your efforts on pay per click marketing, bidding on the keyword “books” is just a horrible idea. Not only will it be  a high cost per click, but you would blow through thousands of dollars because of how genetic the search term is.

Another example is PPV advertising, and let’s keep the concept of selling books in mind. With PPV advertising you can choose what web sites you would like your pop under advertising to appear on. If you were going to promote your books web site or offer by advertising on with PPV advertising, that is another horrible idea!

In both of these cases you would be advertising to an audience that is just way to generic and has way too much volume. Focus on your long end keywords and exact match keywords. Stay away from generic terms with massive traffic.

Your Ad Copy Needs to Have a Call to Action

Just like in the two advertising methods above, you will need to create an ad copy for your campaigns as well. It’s easy to create ad copy that gets people to click, but that isn’t the end goal. You will want to make ad copy that engages the users, draws them in while also wanting to buy or sign up for something in the process.

WordStream has an excellent article that covers seven different ways to use “call to action” in your text and ppc advertising ad copy. There are seven different methods, but many comparisons and examples for each. I highly recommend checking this one out.

Use Landing Pages and the Right Call to Action Buttons

Your keywords and search terms are important, the ad copy of your campaign will draw people in… but when they get to your landing page, it better be setup correctly!

DesignShack has a nice collection of 25 convincing call to action buttons and example of the many web sites that are using them.

DTelepathy also has a great article that covers 13 tips for landing pages that is sure to increase your overall conversions. They have some nice screenshots and examples too!

If you would like to play around with a landing page template, be sure to download this free one and mix and match the different styles and placements of buttons, text and images.

Split Testing is Still Key

Split testing is one of the most hated parts of marketing online, but it might also be the most important. The simple change a color, words or even placement on your landing page can mean everything.

We’ve already written a lot about split testing in the past, so I’ve included all of these articles below.

No matter what type of ad campaigns and landing pages you are creating, be sure to run through this list and see where there is room for improvement on your pages. Just a 1% increase in conversions can equate to thousands of dollars over the course of a year or the lifetime of your ad campaign.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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