yoastSEO is the crucial element for every affiliate blog’s success … whether you realize it or not. Of course, using solely advertising traffic can work too, but if you’re just starting out then you might find it hard to get the initial budget for ads. And unfortunately, even if you do then there’s no guarantee that the investment will pay off.

SEO is different. SEO always pays off if done right. This is where the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast comes into play. In our opinion, it’s the best free plugin to boost your blog’s on-page SEO. Find out how to get going with this plugin and what to focus on during the initial setup.

Getting Started With WordPress SEO by Yoast

The plugin is very easy to install like any other WordPress plugin. You can simply go to the plugins section of your admin panel, click “Add New,” use the search field and search for “WordPress SEO by Yoast,” click “Install Now,” and then “Activate.”

Once you go to the plugin’s dashboard (image below) you can start tuning the settings.


We advise you to start by going through the introduction tour:


After you’re done with the tour you can start playing with the plugin.

Among the things that you absolutely must set for your blog are the default titles and descriptions (got to SEO > Titles). The best approach to take here is to include the most important keywords for your affiliate site and craft the descriptions to be inviting and interesting.

The indexation settings are the second step of the setup. It’s important to decide whether you want your author archives, date-bases archives, and category and tag archives indexed or not. For most sites excluding some of these sections from the index is a good idea.

Something also worth taking care of are the sitemaps. The plugin can generate great sitemaps if you just select the top checkbox in the SEO > XML Sitemaps section.

Also, if it just happens that you’ve been using a different SEO plugin before then you can simply import your settings. WordPress SEO by Yoast enables you to import settings from plugins like: HeadSpace2, All-in-One SEO, Robots Meta, RSS Footer, and Yoast Breadcrumbs.

We’re confident that this one single plugin can improve your site’s SEO structure significantly and result in some search engine ranking boost. Finally, feel free to let us know what you like the most about WordPress SEO by Yoast.