Google Panda, not unlike a real one: Hard to read!

Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marketing, and building a successful doesn’t need to be a horrifying venture when faced with the sporadic changes in terms by the Big Google. Despite the experience of marketers losing websites from the “Google Slap”, you can press forward and make your way to success by working with Google Panda to your advantage.

You know that people are being punished by trying to “game” Google; this entire thing means is that you have less competition – now let’s capitalize on this situation.

Making Google Panda work for You

There are many different “tricks” people like for you to test but sticking to the foundations of successful websites gives you the best opportunity for long-term success.

The method of success, in a post-Panda world, comes down to these five elements:

  • Build a User-Friendly Website. From the ground up, craft your website to be as simple as possible without sacrificing the user experience. Configure your SEO attributes from the very beginning to keep momentum as your website is indexed. Give your readers easy access to the content without burying your work deep within the site.
  • Share-Worthy Content. Your content needs to be valuable, informative, and entertaining but one other element to strive for is whether people want to actually share your content. Create lists, infographics, videos, podcasts, and downloadables – give people a great reason to share your content and your community will grow.
  • Get Active in Community Link Building. Tap into your community by creating content on websites within your niche – get heavy into guest posting. Try different strategies for your link building but use guest posting, specifically, to get your voice and image in front of the people you want on your website. Don’t go for traffic – aim to use your guest posting to build relationships with fellow blog/website owners and to share your information.
  • Be Present on the Social Networks (that Matter). Get very active on the social networks where your community hangs out. Don’t bother signing up for every social networking site under the sun; focus on a few that give you the best return on your community investment. At least build a Facebook fan page and setup a Twitter account; then, populate your feeds with the same value you deliver through your website while staying social and engaging.
  • Grow your Network. Your business network will be one of the most powerful assets you acquire while doing affiliate marketing. New product launches, email list joint ventures, and regular contributions are just some of the benefits of a network. Your network, ultimately, allows you to go beyond the restrictions of search engines and social networking. The network creates a whole new level of opportunity because of the wide range of resources and talent amongst the people you follow and interact with.

These are just some of the ways you can beat the Google Panda. Let me ask you now, what do you do to build long-term success online?