Email marketing is one of the main marketing methods for affiliates around the world. However, besides the promotional and marketing difficulties, one also has to deal with many technical aspects of the whole thing.

Before you can truly include email marketing into your promotional portfolio you need to find a way to embed email signup forms in your WordPress blog. And this is where premium plugins come into play, one in particular – WPSubscribers. Here’s our review.


WPSubscribers has an impressive set of features to offer. We can safely call it the complete email marketing solution for WordPress (it doesn’t send the actual emails, though; you need to sign up to a solution like AWeber or MailChimp for that).

WPSubscribers is all about making it possible for you to include an email subscription form in multiple places on your blog. Here’s a shortened list of available features:

  • lightbox opt-in forms,
  • header and footer opt-in forms,
  • hidden content support (display only to subscribed users),
  • subscription on commenting,
  • opt-in forms within blog posts,
  • exit pop-ups, and much more.

The plugin integrates with every popular email marketing service, and it’s compatible with every modern web browser.

Customer Support

WPSubscribers offers a really nice set of tutorials explaining all the ins and outs of working with the plugin.

In case of any difficulties you can also contact the team through a contact page, or check the forums, built especially for communication with clients and helping them use the plugin.

Check out more details here!

Price and Plans

There are two main licences available:

  • Triple Licence – $47. Included: lifetime updates, instant download after purchase, the possibility to install the plugin on 3 different WordPress sites.
  • Unlimited Licence – $97. Included: everything mentioned above, plus top priority support and the possibility to install the plugin on an unlimited number of sites.

Both plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


“I bought the unlimited license and this plug in rocks! Could not have come at a better time for me! Very easy to use as well, i had one up in 10 minutes!” –Captivereef

“I really didn’t want to buy this plugin as I have so many opt-in scripts including Pop Up Domination, but this is so awesome it can’t be ignored.” –Hypno Hugh

The Good

There are many things this plugin does great. The number of features is truly exceptional; more than that, new ones get introduced on a regular basis. For instance, right now you can also use the plugin to create time-limited opt-ins (for special offers), there’s a referral system for subscribers, and even Facebook integration (people can subscribe via their Facebook accounts).

The Bad

The only downside we can see is the lack of any single-site licence. Some affiliates who only have one primary site would certainly benefit from such a plan.

The Bottom Line

In the end, this is a great plugin, and we recommend it to anyone doing email marketing from a WordPress blog.

Our rating: 5/5.

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