A lead magnet is an item you would include on your website to entice visitors into subscribing to your email list (or perhaps to a social page).

Most of the time a lead magnet is a small ebook (I’m sure seen plenty of these going around) but there are other options, too, like:

  • Worksheets & Checklists
  • Whitepaper
  • A Q&A with an industry giant
  • A big list of resources

The direction of this article is about written lead magnets (perhaps we’ll done one on audio and video at a later point) because they are actually quite easy to create even if you aren’t all that proficient at writing down your ideas and forming them into a finished product.

Q: How would you like to write a lead magnet by the end of the day?

Let’s run through the gauntlet, push ourselves, and accomplish this feat…

Step 1: Gather the right supplies

My suggestions for the right supplies to get this done proficiently include:

  • Your smart phone (or a web cam that lets you record and save)
  • A white board
  • A pencil and paper

What you’ll want to do is setup your camera facing you and the whiteboard on the wall. This position allows you to not only ramble off your knowledge but having the whiteboard there gives you the ability to write down other concepts that can be included in the work. The pen and paper is there for keeping your direction via notes…

Step 2: Brainstorm the core idea (and supporting elements)

Do this:

  • See which of your current posts drive the most traffic
  • See which of your social shares received the highest engagement
  • Ask a few of your closest followers for lead magnet ideas (“What do you want?”)
  • Sit for an hour kicking around ideas

Combine all these approaches and within an hour you should be able to come up with an idea that will become the basis of your product. Go on a 20 minute break and let the idea settle. Come back and begin writing down the core ideas and any additional supporting elements to form a solid foundation.

A lead magnet like an ebook doesn’t need to be some 30,000 page epic – you can easily create something that is less than 2,000 words and deliver incredible value so try to create the core of the outline and plan to stick to this (to avoid project creep).

Step 3: Groove with the information

It’s go time.

With your little “studio” setup you can now begin the process of creating the lead magnet.

Sit in front of your smart phone (or web cam), along with the whiteboard, and begin working through your notes. Treat it like going through individual chapters of a book. Take some time for each. Talk about the concepts, ideas, and techniques as if you were explaining it to a completely new individual to the concept.

Write down any other side-notes and helpful aids on the whiteboard so you may add those as annotations for when you…

Step 4: Start the transcription process

Head on over to one of the many freelance marketplaces and do a search for “transcription services”.

Here you can create a project and have freelancers bid on transcribing the audio and video cues into a fully written piece of work which you can add finishing touches before finalizing the piece.

Generally it will take about 1 hour of time to transcribe about 15 minutes of audio so keep that in mind if you’re trying to complete this project by the end of the day.

Step 5: Create the creative

Again you will head over to one of these freelance marketplaces and let people bid on creating “ebook covers” for your lead magnet. You should be able to receive a handful of responses rather quickly.

Alternatively there are many scripts and websites used to create ebook covers (free and paid).

My other suggestion is that you give it a shot at designing the cover. There are plenty of free graphics editing programs (here are some tutorials) that shouldn’t take too long to understand the basics. Another hour here creating the cover and you’re now all set.

  • Add the creative to your opt-in form.
  • Include an email with a direct download link to the lead magnet.
  • You’re good to go.


I said that we’d be creating a written lead magnet but did I saw we were going to be writing all of it? Nope! That’s the neat part. Often times we can explain ideas and concepts no problem as like when telling them to friends or business-types.

All that’s needed is to record yourself rambling on about these ideas and concepts, throw in additional support by taking side-notes, and then pass it off to those professionals that have fantastic turnaround time for turning your words into written text. Throw together a nice cover (or, again, hire a professional) and you should have all the core completed for your lead magnet in about a day.