Be a kick-ass email writer!

The subject line is the sole reason people open your email message since they have no other way of determining the subject’s value; for this reason, it’s vitally important that you not only create a subject line that gets read but one that kicks ass and gets the recipient excited for the information you’re about to release on them.

In this article, you’ll learn the not-so-obvious methodologies to crafting the perfect, kick-ass subject line that gets clicks.

The Anatomy (and Strategy) of Email Subject Lines

People receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. What makes you think they’ll open yours even if they’re part of your mailing list? Keep the five “C’s” in mind …

  • Congruency. Does your email message match the information a visitor will find when they land on your website? Craft subject lines that explain the email context but also the eventual outcome after the user clicks. Straight and to the point. Content heavy emails will have the greatest benefits when you use a subject line that works like link bait (much like article title writing); the destination page should also reflect this hype.
  • Consistency. Does your message hold consistent throughout the time a person is on your email list? Build upon your previous email subject lines that work and experiment with new formats but don’t go too far off course else recipients will feel you’ve lost direction or the email is not intended for them. Newsletters greatly benefit from staying consistent on a monthly basis.
  • Captivation. Does your subject line captivate the reader? Use action verbs, hard data, features, benefits, and other forms of information that your reader will find the most interesting. Don’t bury the best information within the email – flaunt it right in the subject line. Write as if the reader will do nothing else but read your subject line; make it the call-to-action.
  • Curiosity. Does your email cause curiosity? Play into people’s natural inquisitive nature by crafting a subject line that tickles their curiosity by asking a relevant question, sharing a result but keeping the information inside, hinting toward a new product release, using words like “weird” or “secret” – something that conveys that you have something worth their time.
  • Currency. Does your email have some financial value? Use discounts, promotions, coupons, percentages, buy one/get one, and other sales tactics right in the subject line to get readers excited for the possibility to save more money.

If you pull anything away from this article it’s that email subject lines take on a similar form to great article headlines that have been tried and tested in the past; using what you now know – get out there and start pushing your kick-ass emails.