Writing is an acquired skill.

Writing is a skill that takes many years to perfect. In the beginning, you won’t be particularly amazing at writing web copy that gets people to take action but you will learn how to get started in effective web writing with this post.

Learning these strategies, best practices, and guidelines will give you unlimited potential for earning commissions and sales in your affiliate business.

  • Spark Action with a Headline. Open your articles and blog posts with a catchy headline built around telling the reader what they can expect to learn and a bit of sensation that makes your article sound entertaining and valuable.
  • Catch them with a Hook. Open your articles with a strong hook – the reason why people should continue reading through the content. Share statistics, a short story, problems, or simply open with what people will learn – give them something to make a connection.
  • Tell the Reader what to Expect. For longer posts, tell your reader what they can expect by the end of the content; let them know what they’ll learn, why they’ll be entertained, or the value they’ll receive if they trade their time for your audience.
  • Focus on a Single Topic. Keep your writing to a single topic; don’t go off track with various subjects within the same article. Give just enough for the reader to understand the concept but also leave room to link to external resources or to place a helpful product recommendation which is the solution to the overall “problem”.
  • Structure your Content in a Logical Manner. Structure your content so it’s easy to read. Web users skim through blog posts and look for the main elements (generally highlighted in bold, italicized, bullet lists, media, or in headlines). Don’t expect them to read everything so create your content so people can easily understand the main points.
  • Include Multimedia Elements. Include multimedia elements such as pictures, videos, audio, and more. The additional media elements give a reader some form of interaction; it can also be used to keep the reader further engaged into your content.
  • Include a Call-to-Action. Always place some form of call-to-action within your web copy that tells the readers exactly what you want them to do after reaching the end of your copy. Don’t leave a readers action up to chance – get people to do what you want while the iron is hot; strike them with a direct request.
  • Close Strong. End your copy on a high note; try not to drag on. Leave your reader telling themselves that they deserve to explore the products you promote or interact with your content through commenting or sharing.
  • Learn and Improve. Take note of every piece of web copy you produce for the web. Keep a record of which pieces have the greatest response and also collect pieces, from other writers, that inspire your own writing. Track and optimize the headlines, content, call-to-actions, and structure that get users to take action; then use it, again, in future pieces.

What are your suggestions for writing effective web copy? Share a comment below.