I’m frequently on Reddit because it’s such a fun, lively place for discussion.

A few of my favorite sub-Reddits do an annual “year-end discussion” about the top topics. When browsing through I noticed that many of them were related to products which gave me an idea for the topic of this article.

Using year-end discussions as a way to drive leads.

The premise is simple:

  • Choose a topic
  • Get people involved
  • Expand on the comments

In a lot of ways it’s like the normal comments you may be receiving on your blog when releasing a blog post but this time it’s direct and there has been quite a bit of time to really get to know it (thus bringing a deeper discussion to the table).

If I were to do an example (let’s go with affiliate marketing) I could create year-end discussions on a multitude of topics:

  • Year-end discussion: traffic generation
  • Year-end discussion: affiliate programs
  • Year-end discussion: social media

These are examples but can be applied to any type of niche.

What makes this type of content so fantastic is that it gives you frequent opportunities to drop in affiliate links to the products/services being discussed.

Let’s say, for example, we did a year-end discussion on traffic generation.

In the discussion I would be able to recommend traffic generating resources each time an individual brought up a key point of the subject. There could be debate to make it lively and also opportunities to leave reviews.

The discussion also brings about many other little factors that can build your business:

  • It shows your authority on the subject
  • It gives the platform to the community
  • It can be used for feedback for the new year

The discussion doesn’t need to be confined to a blog post, either, because we have many other mediums that can take its place:

  • Google+ hangouts
  • YouTube videos and comments
  • Twitter discussions

So here is what I’d suggest…

1. Take a few moments to look over what were the most popular, trending, and controversial topics for your niche this past year.

2. Create a new post (or whatever format you choose) titled “Year-End Discussion: Topic”.

3. Make sure that you’re interacting with each person that has their say about the topic to really get them to respond to your point of view (and others).

4. Capitalize on the moments when someone may ask for a recommendation for a product/service or when they mention on (which you’d link).

You could have a dozen of these going at any given time in the final days of the year. They are easy pieces of content to create and can do wonders for drawing attention to the products/services you’re promoting in your niche.